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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Users that take advantage of HolidayLettings can browse popular destinations to find rental listings in remote areas or heavily populated cities. HolidayLettings is part of the TripAdvisor family. Users can take advantage of the hundreds of thousands of reviews on various rental properties. 

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The Good

  • Accommodation options
  • Innovative technologies
  • Payment protection
HolidayLettings provides travelers with ability to plan, research, book, and manage vacation rental reservations on a worldwide platform. Not only can travelers book a vacation home, they can also reserve vacation condos, cabins, and villas that qualify for the HolidayLettings platform. To get started, users simply enter some basic travel information and they are instantly connected to thousands of applicable listings. HolidayLettings incorporates some of the most up-to-date technologies. Their information is verified and backed by guarantees which help keep everyone safe and secure when making reservations. Benefits of using HolidayLettings to book an upcoming vacation rental include:
  1. Guest feedback - travelers have access to over 100,000 reviews which have been verified and are considered trusted guest reviews
  2. Properties in popular destinations - users can browse listings in some of the most popular cities/countries worldwide
  3. Instant search results - while users can use advanced search options, they do not have to in order to instantly view available properties
HolidayLettings is not only a platform for those looking to rent a vacation home. It is also designed to benefit those who own properties or manage them for others. For those who wish to list their property on HolidayLettings, there is a number of advantages to using this platform. These features include:
  • Cost-effective advertising: with a free listing, owners can advertise their rental with no upfront costs and simply pay 3% on confirmed bookings
  • List vacation rentals - for those who have a vacation rental, spare room, or home available, listing can be posted online and ready to receive bookings in minutes
  • Ability to reach millions - as part of the TripAdvisor global reach, listings can be seen by millions of prospective travelers
  • Secure and simple - the interface and security measures make sure everyone is safe
They payment protection guarantee is an added bonus for both property owners and those actually renting out the properties. The payment protection feature is backed by the TripAdvisor guarantee. This means that all credit card information will remain safe and no unexpected charges will show up on any party's account.

The Bad

  • Additional fees
  • Requirements for owners
  • No direct communication with owner
Once a traveler has identified the property they wish to rent for their upcoming trip, they will be able to securely make their reservation. Payment is expected during this portion of the process. It is at this time that the service fee by HolidayLettings is charged. This charge varies based on the property type and destination as well as applicable taxes are taken into consideration. Regardless, travelers should be aware that they will be expected to pay an additional fee. For those wanting to actually list their property on HolidayLettings will need to do so through TripAdvisor Vacation Rentals. There are additional requirements that property owners/managers need to know:
  • Contact information - first and last name, email, password, and cell phone
  • Sign up - the actual sign up is free, but the listing is not
  • Booking fee - property owners/managers need to pay 3% per booking
There is no way to directly communicate with the property owner or the person who manages the listing. This can cause some issues for travelers who want to ask some clarifying questions regarding the property. Not all information is divulged in reviews, so not having this direct communication can cause some issues.

The Bottom Line

HolidayLettings is part of the TripAdvisor family which means there is a heavy focus user feedback. This helps ease any potential concerns or confirms speculation. There is a fee to use the service once a reservation/transaction is officially made. Those that decide to use HolidayLettings to book their vacation rentals can expect the following when browsing and making reservations:
  1. Access to over 100,000 reviews on rentals
  2. Payment protection backed by a guarantee
  3. Ability to browse by popular destinations
  4. Service fee charged on transaction
  5. No direct contact with property owner/manager
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