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LAST UPDATED: April 26th, 2022

Vacasa was founded in 2009 and its corporate offices are in Portland, Oregon. Vacasa wants to provide a hassle-free vacation rental experience for both property owners and vacationers. The company uses technology to offer 3-D tours of property listings to give potential renters a detailed understanding of the property before they rent it. Vacasa listings have 24/7 support from local management services to ensure travelers are satisfied with their accommodations.

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The Good

  • 3-D Walkthroughs
  • Responsive Customer Service
  • User-Friendly App

3D Walkthroughs

Vacasa offers customers the ability to do a virtual walkthrough of the property they are interested in renting; this allows for visual confirmation of what state the property is in. You can also see the availability of the property, details about the area, and helpful information from the owner. 

Responsive Customer Service

Vacasa carries strong ratings and accreditation from online reviewers. The company is very responsive when it comes to negative reviews. Quick apologies and efforts to resolve complaints go a long way when it comes to instilling confidence in customers. Vacasa contracts with local property management companies to be able to assist renters at properties when problems come up. This is a nice perk that shows Vacasa’s customer service focus.  

User-Friendly App

Vacasa streamlines its service through an easy-to-use interface where the customer has information at their fingertips. The app gives support for problems that could arise. Vacasa’s website shares what to expect from this feature: 

  • Trip details
  • Directions and parking information
  • Complete home guide
  • Digital lock codes
  • Instant Wi-Fi connection
  • 24/7 guest support

The Bad

  • Property Issues
  • High Fees

Property Issues

Many online reviews express significant issues with Vacasa properties. Renters describe safety concerns of locks not working around areas with water, unclean property upon arrival, and unresponsive local management.

It is important to note that over the past few years Vacasa has acquired many other vacation rental property companies. There seems to be an influx of complaints during these acquisition periods where guests have booked with a different company that became an acquired Vacasa entity. These guests often feel that Vacasa did not handle their complaints as well as it could have, claiming it was nearly impossible to get a return call or email from the company.

While this doesn't excuse company negligence, there seem to be hiccups as transitions happen with company purchases in any market. 

High Fees

We understand that most vacation property companies deal with this annoyance. But fees on top of daily listing prices are costly. Once customers select dates for travel, the total price is shown at the top of a confirmation page. You need to click the down arrow on this page to see a full pricing account. This dropdown feature itemizes fees and taxes, so a customer can see early in the reservation process what the bill will be. Fees can be significant and often can make a difference in the ability to book the property or not. 


The Bottom Line

If you appreciate detail when looking at potential vacation properties to rent, we strongly recommend looking into using Vacasa. As with most markets, consumer needs and expectations vary. Vacasa gives potential renters the next best thing to an in-person visit with a 3-D tour, so they can know what they are getting when reservations are made.

We appreciate the detailed listings, convenient app, and strong customer service Vacasa offers. Vacasa does not have as many listings as some sites due to the fact it was started in 2009, but we are impressed with its growth and options that continue to expand.

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AmyRBW Sammamish, WA

First of all, any positive reviews you find on the BBB or Trust Pilot are BOGUS. Most of them are written by employees. DO NOT ever use *Vacasa* to rent a house. They are dishonest, unresponsive and do not respect their customers. Here is my review of my experience with them. I rented a house in Lake Chelan from July 24-29, 2019. I want to make you aware of the situation I dealt with during our stay and the outcome thus far. I’m not sure even where to begin. Five out of the 6 days (our first day we arrived at 5pm- this is the only day we did not have issues) in this house were spent dealing with plumbers, maintenance crews and cleaning crews b/c the septic tank backed up on day one, day two, day three, day four, day five and upon our departure started flooding the lawn again. Yes, we read the signs that we should not put anything other than toilet paper into the toilet. We followed the rules to a TEE. Unfortunately, the septic tank backed up flooding the lawn, then came out of the drains on the bottom floor, flooding the entire bottom floor – laundry room, downstairs kitchen and living room area (where we had people SLEEPING). Despite our desperate call to the property management company, it took hours for someone to show up to fix the septic problem and even longer for someone to arrive to clean up the downstairs. We did not have the proper supplies to clean the bottom floor. We did the best we could with towels and a bucket. Yes- we cleaned up pee and poop ourselves b/c it was draining into the living room where kids were sleeping. The plumber- we thought- fixed the problem. However the next day it got even worse. The septic water started coming out of the drains on the bottom floor again. The plumber said that he was out the week before and told the owners that the reason the septic was shutting off was b/c the breaker kept tripping and it needed to be fixed before they had any renters in there. They did not fix it. Hence, our six days filled with pee, poop and a god awful smell surrounding us on a daily basis. At one point, the plumber said it was the worst back up he’d ever seen and they ended up having the drain the septic tank- pumping the waste into the LAKE in front of the house. The waste was drained from the septic hole, across our patio, covering the patio with pee and poop water, flooded down over the furniture on the bottom deck and then into the lake. Once it was fully drained, there were puddles of septic waste on our patio so we were unable to hang out there because of the smell- plus the fear of contracting some sort of disease by slopping through the mess. After this, we were unable to swim in the lake for a day for fear of swimming in the septic waste. As an extra bonus, every time the septic would shut off/break down- we were unable to take showers, use the dishwasher, use the washer/dryer or flush toilets. We had 11 people staying in this house- none of whom could use the facilities for several hours a day each day (sometimes full days). Because of our daily activity of waiting for someone/anyone to show up to help us, we missed several activities we had planned outside of the house. Okay, you get the picture- broken septic, smell, living in waste….then there were the “little things”. It is obvious that the owners of this house do the bare minimum to keep this house clean/safe/maintained. There is dirt/dog hair in every corner. I can tell they clean between renters but very minimally. For the amount of money they charge for this house (we could have gone to Hawaii), they should do a deep cleaning at least once per year- clean the windows, stairs, patio, pressure wash the house, etc, etc. Also, they might want to fix the hole in the house where HUNDREDS of bat have made their home. There is bat poop covering every inch of the upper deck- railings, chairs, walls, windows. Not to mention, dive bombing bats on a daily basis is really fun for the kids. Also, bring your own “basic” supplies- toilet paper, paper towel, garbage bags, dish soap, dish detergent, laundry detergent, saran wrap, tin foil, etc, etc. There was very little/no basic supplies provided for us upon arrival. Bottom line, if you stay here be prepared to empty your wallet for the smelliest experience of your life. You may want to bring a hazmat suit and some bat repellant.

2 years ago

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Kirk D Huntington Beach, CA

“COMPLETE FILTH....COCKROACHES, SPIDERS, RAT POOP. DISGUSTING” We rented a Vacasa rental in Palm Desert. 7/4-7/7. This place was so disgusting we had to leave 1 Day early. Completely ruined our family 4th of July vacation. We found 3 live cockroaches inside the house, 2 dead cockroaches inside the pantry where the dishes were, dead flies inside the same pantry, mouse poop in multiple pantry cabinets and when we first walked in the place a dead spider laying in the floor. And it only got worse from there. The tile floor was so sticky and dirty we had to wear socks anytime while in the house. And your socks were black after only a few minutes. Then there's the garage. Tons of rat poop inside the garage and all around patio area. As mentioned, we left 1 day early because we were not only disgusted but actually scared for our health and kids health. This was a disappointing rental.

2 years ago

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Gmail Truckee, CA

You work w local branch who is supposed to work remotely out of a small local field office with these apps they have on the phones they give you to track hours and drive time/mileage. All would be great if u could ever reach corperate or tech support. There are emails but no numbers. And allot of houses have no mops brooms or vacuums and the offices have none to fill in. Pretty difficult to clean w out the proper tools. Estimate times are extremely inaccurate. One person rushing to do it all it tiny time spans is not healthy. Also cleaning supplies give bloody noses..when I asked about this I was told they are organic..well so is poison oak

2 years ago

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Emily Truett New Orleans, LA

Rented a big house in Pensacola Florida - Showed up to garbage piled in the front yard with bugs all over it - leftover from last guest - when we entered the house and used the bathroom which smelled like urine we were grossed out - they came 24 hours later to clean it - then tried the internet which did not work - had to call Vacasa - which was always at least a 15 minute wait till someone answered - only to be told to get out the ladder and climb to the top of the kitchen cabinet to reboot - which did not work - again - no internet till the next day - then out to the pool which was filled with bugs - apparently they only clean the pool on Monday's and it was a Thursday - the screening around the pool was ripped in multiple places which meant more bugs - then tried to lay down on a chaise lounge which wad covered in mold - I was only there for 48 hours - multiple phone calls - lots of "on hold" time - this was my vacation - not meant to take care of another house's issues - Stay away from this property - it is not kept up - and the service from Vacasa was weak at best -

3 years ago

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Leaving n Fort Myers, FL

Jared was professional, helpful and kind! The entire staff pat the Island Coast Resort in Martha’s Vineyard we’re friendly!

2 years ago