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LAST UPDATED: February 11th, 2021

Co-founders Neal Cyr and Gustavo Pecunia started Quibble with hopes to address the gap in the market between the simple rules-based software applications currently available and a truly science-based optimization.

In layman's terms, Quibble was designed to help property owners determine and set better prices using accurate and industry-focused data sources.

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The Good

  • Overcoming Problems of a Young Industry
  • Transparent Plans and Pricing
  • Free 30-Day Trial

Overcoming Problems of a Young Industry

Quibble has the unique challenge of being a young company in a young industry. 

The Vacation and Short Term Rental (STR) industry has only been around for a little over two decades — VRBO was founded in 1995, with Airbnb arriving 13 years later in 2008. However, even though these companies were around, these companies gained enormous popularity in 2010 (which really kickstarted the industry). 

One of the biggest challenges for the Vacation and STR industry is determining and setting prices based on factors other than what nearby competitors are doing. 

That's where Quibble comes in. 

Instead of just guessing what your property is worth, Quibble's software is designed to increase your revenue performance by implementing a unique pricing strategy. The company's software and team (revenue managers and data scientists) work together to manage the never-ending process of collecting and analyzing data, setting data-focused prices, collecting more data, and then using that data to continually improve. 

Transparent Plans and Pricing

Quibble offers three unique plans: Gold Plan, Platinum Plan, and the Enterprise Plan.

The Gold Plan is Quibble's most basic plan. It comes with dynamic pricing optimization, science-based forecasting models, advanced analytics and reporting, and competitor and event tracking. This is a month-to-month plan, so you're not required to make a long-term commitment and you can cancel at any time. 

Quibble's Gold plan is priced at $99 per month per unit. 

The Platinum Plan offers all the same features and tools as the Gold plan, but the reduced monthly price allows you to lock in those annual savings. The Platinum plan does require you to sign a six-month commitment. 

Quibble's Platinum plan is priced at $69 per month per unit. 

The Enterprise Plan is for those with over 50 properties (unit listings). The website doesn't disclose any pricing information for this plan, so you'll need to contact Quibble for more details. 

Free 30-Day Trial

Both the Gold and Platinum plan include a free 30-day trial. 

Since there is no free version, we recommend taking advantage of the free trial — this way you can test out Quibble's tools and features to determine if this software is right for you. 

Unfortunately, there isn't much information on what features and tools are included with the trial or if you are required to enter your credit card information upon signing up. If you are interested, we recommend contacting the company for more information. 


The Bad

  • Time in Business 

Time in Business

As we stated earlier, Quibble is a young company. While this is not inherently bad, we found that there are not many customer reviews for this company. This makes it difficult for potential customers interested in the service but aren't sure if they should take the next step. Choosing a company with few online reviews requires a bit of a leap of faith since you don't have the reassurance that others have used the service and recommend it.


The Bottom Line

Quibble is an excellent resource to property owners who want to increase their rental revenue. 

The tiered plans are reasonably priced, and we appreciate Quibble giving property owners several options. While you will pay more per month with the Gold plan, it offers flexibility. The Platinum plan is great for those who want to spend less each month, but you have to be okay with being locked into a six-month contract. 

The company is young, and you'll find it difficult to find customer reviews. If this makes you nervous, you may want to hold off on purchasing the service until more people have worked with the company and have posted their opinions.

However, if you don't want to wait, we recommend taking advantage of Quibble's free 30-day trial. Be sure to test out all the features. Quibble doesn't disclose whether or not you have to input your credit card information for the trial, but if you do, be aware you might be automatically charged once the trial ends. 

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