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LAST UPDATED: September 15th, 2020

Since the launching of its online tutoring platform in 2017, TutorEye has been serving K–12 and college students by providing well-qualified tutors with experience in their field at the most affordable rates. 

Its tutors are advertised as being carefully selected and must be certified, trusted experts. They also have university degrees. Many of TutorEye’s tutors appear to have studied at Indian universities and currently live in India. Customers are able to review profiles of each tutor before scheduling a tutor session with them. TutorEye profiles are moderately populated with information about the tutor’s education, teaching experience, areas of expertise, and their client reviews. Competitors’ tutor profiles offer customers more information which can be useful when selecting a good tutor, such as including detailed educational background information and their work experience. 

TutorEye mainly offers tutoring in math and science subjects as well as some language arts topics such as essay writing. It offers tutoring for AP-level courses, mainly in math and science. While it does have a good selection of the most commonly requested subjects, TutorEye competitors offer a larger selection including some that can provide tutors for over 300 subjects. It also does not provide tutoring for the GRE or other advanced test prep. It appears to lack some consistency in its advertising of the subjects it offers tutors for which can be confusing. 

Similar to its competitors tutoring can be provided in two main ways: live chat homework help and live audio/video study sessions. Live conferencing lets you directly contact the tutor via video chat for a study session, and the virtual classroom environment includes a whiteboard, file sharing, and a host of other features. Its live chat homework help allows students to select a tutor that is online and begin chatting immediately. Both services are always available no matter the time of day, and both have the option of beginning a session immediately or scheduling one for the future. Students have 24 hours before the start of their session to cancel in order to receive a full refund. 

Tutors have several online tools to facilitate learning such as a white board application that allows the tutor and student to share screens and video chat. Students can also use the platform’s chat feature as well. 

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The Good

  • TutorEye Guarantee
  • Tutor Reviews
  • Affordability
  • On-Demand
  • Free Trial 

TutorEye Guarantee

TutorEye offers its customers a robust guarantee. It takes the professionalism of its tutors seriously. If a tutor doesn’t know how to help with a student’s specific question they are able to transfer students to a different tutor immediately. If students aren't completely satisfied with their tutor, then it's a free session. This is better than the industry standard which often only guarantees a refund on a students’ first session. With TutorEye, if you ever have a session that you’re not completely happy with, you can request a credit for the minutes used.  

Tutor Reviews

A critical aspect of any quality tutoring service is the ability of students to review tutors, read tutor reviews, and see tutor qualifications. TutorEye allows students to rate and review tutors anonymously. Students are able to do this after any session and reviews appear on tutors' profiles. 


TutorEye is one of the most affordable online tutoring services available. Its monthly plans are competitively priced and allow students to break their paid session time down to the minute. It also offers a pay as you go plan that makes tutoring incredibly affordable. This plan allows students to pay by the minute which would be ideal for a student looking for help on very specific homework questions. 

It also allows students to record and save all of their tutoring sessions. Students are able to replay sessions as many times as needed in order to master concepts. This is not something that all online tutoring services provide. Being able to review sessions instead of booking additional sessions in order to re-learn a concept can make TutorEye an affordable option for many students. 

Free Trial

Many tutoring services offer some form of free trial to interested customers. TutorEye gives students a 10-minute tutoring session free of charge (no debit or credit card required) to try out its tutors and tutoring platform. Competitors may offer longer free sessions but typically require that students hand over their credit card information. 


The Bad

  • Typos on Website
  • Mainly International Tutors
  • Lack of Online Reviews

Typos on Website

The TutorEye website is littered with typos, misspellings, and other wording errors. While this can happen on any business website, it is especially of concern when it is widespread on a tutoring website that sells English writing and language arts tutoring services. This raises some red flags about the quality of the tutoring services it offers students. 

Mainly International Tutors

While hosting international tutors says nothing about their quality, TutorEye states in several places that they are hiring tutors that studied at the world’s top universities and that are the best tutors from around the world. Its list of tutors would state otherwise. They are almost exclusively all based in India and have studied at Indian universities. Again, nothing about that might be problematic, but TutorEye’s advertising is. 

Competitors have a greater selection of tutors that have studied at top world universities such as Yale, MIT, and Princeton. It can also be helpful to work with a tutor who speaks English as their first language. 

Lack of Online Reviews

TutorEye has few online reviews from students considering that it has been operating since 2017. It also says it has served more than 25,000 students in that time. This lack of online reviews makes it difficult for potential students to evaluate its services and know what they’re getting before they sign up.


The Bottom Line

TutorEye stands out as one of the most affordable online tutoring services available. It offers live audio/video tutoring sessions as well as live chat homework help. If you are looking for on-demand tutoring help at any time, the company's 24/7 tutor availability will be a big help. For those not looking to sign up for a monthly plan or if you are looking for intermittent tutoring help, TutorEye’s pay as you go option will be a very attractive feature.

We were concerned at the quantity of grammatical and other English errors on its website due to the nature of the tutoring services it says it offers. You should take advantage of TutorEye’s free trial to evaluate the quality of its tutoring service and whether it will meet your needs. You should also be aware of its industry stand-out guarantee which promises a refund if you are unhappy with the quality of your tutoring session.

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