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LAST UPDATED: May 16th, 2022

Founded in 1996 when a couple was trying to look for easily accessible travel options, Last Minute Travel offers vacation packages at the last minute or far in advance. The travel site is linked with 175 airlines, 120,000+ hotels, offers over 10,000 activities and all in over 4,500 cities around the world. This site specializes in finding last minute deals that travel accommodations are giving at discounted rates.

Travelers can find comprehensive excursion packages, including deals on flights, cruises, hotels, car rentals, and vacation packages, making it a nice one-stop shop to book all travel accommodations at once. Last Minute Travel offers deals at any price, making it easy to find travel for any occasion. Guests can look through listings on the desktop website, mobile app, and mobile site to easily compare vacation packages. 

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The Good

  • Last Minute Bookings
  • Features
  • Ratings

Last Minute Bookings

Last Minute Travel stays true to its name by allowing users to book accommodations or a vacation package shortly before they plan to leave on a trip. The company gives travelers the ability to book fares at an extremely discounted price because providers will oftentimes cut their prices at the last minute. These last minute deals can save a traveler a good amount of money on their trip. However, Last Minute Travel has also found a way to provide travelers with a way to book accommodations at low prices a bit in advance if they so choose.


With Last Minute Travel, travelers can book a number of standard accommodations, including flights, hotels, and rental cars. However, the company also allows customers to book cruises and vacation packages. With all of the listings available on this site, a traveler can book an entire vacation, from airfare and car rental to a cruise, on one website.

In addition to these booking options, Last Minute Travel has several other features available through its platform, including the following:

  • Coupons - The coupons tab allows for additional savings on a number of travel accommodations.
  • Activity discounts - Destination attractions can also be booked at a discounted rate.


The "star" rating feature on Last Minute Travel's website allows users to customize the quality of their trip in comparison with the price. This tool helps travelers to see reviews regarding certain accommodations during the planning process so they can avoid poorly-rated airlines, hotels, cruises, and more. This is just one of the many filtering options on Last Minute Travel.


The Bad

  • Holes in Service
  • Travel Protection
  • Fee to Join Rewards Program

Holes in Services

There are some holes in Last Minute Travel's service. Some Last Minute Travel reviews have reported having to rebook accommodations and not receiving a response from customer service for several days, which is a red flag. Like many third party vacation listing sites, problems could arise when not dealing directly with the hotel, airline, or other travel accommodation. When problems with credit card charges or missing reservations happen, Last Minute Travel’s customer service is lacking.

Travel Protection

Travel agencies and booking sites typically allow customers to purchase some form of insurance to cover their trip in the event that something comes up and they need to cancel their reservations. However, Last Minute Travel does not appear to offer travel protection of any kind to individuals who book trips through its platform, leaving customers subject to cancellation fees, the inability to get refunds, and a lack of flexibility. This may not be a problem for travelers wanting a last minute adventure, but could be a problem if extenuating circumstances arise.

Fee To Join Rewards Program

While Last Minute Travel does offer a club that customers can join to earn rewards, there is a cost associated with it. Travelers can expect to pay a yearly fee of $50 to remain a member of the rewards club. With that being said, Last Minute Travel claims that "each member who has made a hotel reservation since joining has saved more than the year's membership fee on his or her first purchase alone." The membership also comes with a guarantee that travelers will save the $50 fee in travel savings or they can receive a promo code worth the difference. 

The Last Minute Travel club offers member-only exclusive rates, points towards free hotel bookings, and travel experts that are always available for assistance. This also means that guests might not be seeing the best rates possible if they haven’t paid the club membership fee.


The Bottom Line

Last Minute Travel provides a number of features and customer ratings on its website to help consumers book travel accommodations shortly before they leave on a trip. The site also has thousands of listings for all types of travel excursions, making it a one-stop-shop for almost any type of trip you’re looking for. However, the company does not appear to offer travel protection and there is a yearly fee to join and remain a member of its rewards program and receive the best deals.

The Last Minute Travel online booking site is easy to navigate, as well as the app, and allows for users to filter by star rating, only showing the best listings. If you don't mind waiting until the last minute to book accommodations, want to find the best deal possible, or have an emergency travel situation come up, Last Minute Travel is worth checking into.

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Allison Drutchas San Francisco, CA

I tried to book a hotel for the same night, and when the confirmation came through it was for the following night. IMMEDIATELY, I called them to say this was a mistake - literally within 30 seconds of receiving the confirmation. I called to say this is a mistake, explaining that I just "booked" 30 seconds ago and it's incorrect. They refused to give me a refund or even a credit toward a future booking. On top of that, I never even received a receipt, so I have no idea if the booking would have worked if I could have used it. They were extremely rude and claimed that this was consistent with their cancellation policy. Clearly a scammy company, not customer-oriented at all. Use another service. Last Minute Travel is not to be trusted. This was my first and very clearly my last time working with this scam of a company.

1 week ago

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Robert Matthies Sioux Falls, SD

Booking was easy, convenient, but the hotel was filthy, the pool hadn't been working in two years. The grass outside was knee high. The website said the pool was seasonal. The booking was for July. The reservation was not used. The hotel told us that settling this was to be done with last minute travel. We called three times, were hung up on all three. I will now call my credit card and dispute the charges.

10 months ago

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Dana Ketchem Colorado Springs, CO

Not bad booking and all. I get to the hotel and it isnt even called the same name they advertised. So i keep an open mind until i go in and find out i would be safer sleeping in my car. So that is what i end up doing. They still charged my card for a 2 night stay at a luxury hotel. Wow i never thought this day and age companys would be stealing from people so openly. Thanks for the worst case scenario and no i will never be using your so called services again.

10 months ago

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Dontae l Brown Richfield, OH

Booked a hotel and wanted to cancel because a emergency . I called and was confirmed that it was canceled . Waited a day still no email concerning it was canceled . The money for the room was all so taken . The lady i spoke said that it would be returned with in a couple days . I had to call back , was sent to a recording that said all cancellation should be done on line . I called back in a pressed the number 2 button to speak with some one . She sent me a copy of the cancelled hotel but said my money would not be returned for 3 - 10 days . I will never use this sight ever again When getting something so cheap , be aware that its cheap for a reason . Give me back my money Asap ............

1 year ago

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Michael ,

Stay away from last minute travel. I used Last Minute Travel to book a stay at the Crowne Plaza in Dallas. There were issues with the stay so the hotel manager said no charge for our stay but since it was through Last Minute Travel I had to contact them for the refund. My stay was in early February 2021 it is now near the end of March. They gave me the run around for weeks before saying after the 6th phone call that they did refund me. However they did not. I even provided them proof from my bank. The customer service person Juan wanted became aggressive and when I asked to speak with his supervisor he said he is the supervisor then later in the same phone call he said his supervisor isn't taking phone calls. They are located overseas in Spain. No one will respond. I would not recommend anyone book through them because if there is an issue and the hotel itself says they won't charge you and to contact lat minute travel for a refund your money, good luck getting it back from a company located in a foreign country. If I could rate them a Zero I would.

1 year ago

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Kyle Foster Holden, MA

I used the sham of a company to book a reservation for a conference in Washington DC. Not only did they charge me twice, but after reporting the extra charge, they just canceled my reservation without even telling me. I found out when I tried to check in to my hotel and they didn't have any reservation in my name. When I called the company to ask them to right the wrong, they basically said "not our problem", refused to help at all and left me stranded without a room. Words cannot express how livid I was after they refused to even help me find another place to stay. Avoid this company. Tell your family and friends to avoid this company. They will steal your money, ruin your trip and refuse to do anything helpful whatsoever.

3 years ago

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Jesse Armstrong Stacy, MN

Serious public service announcement. Please share. DO NOT USE LAST MINUTE TRAVEL (LMT) TO BOOK HOTELS OR ANYTHING FOR THAT MATTER. We used them to book a hotel. They charged my card. but when we got to the hotel the hotel manager explained that they used some type of virtual credit card to pay and it was declined. We called LTM and they said there was"nothing they could do about it." I had to have my bank reverse the charges, and am currently having them do a credit card fraud investigation. Thought we could save a little money by booking through a third party, but this one scammed us. I will be posting this every day in attempt to spread the word and hopefully have this fraudulent company shut down or at the very least boycotted.

3 years ago

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Yu Prospect Heights, IL

Booked two different hotels using this website. The first one was a good stay, but I had 2 charges on my credit card: one from Last Minute Travel and the second from the Hotel. I called and the customer service agent spoke to the hotel and said it will be resolved in a 7 to 10 days. I hope that it is. The problem I had was with the second hotel. It said non-smoking rooms, which I think is reasonable to expect in modern times. After checking in and heading to our room, it was obvious that people had been smoking. The hall way reeked of cigarette smoke and the room smelled also. We immediately checked out and asked if we could be refunded the money. The owner refused and we left. I called Last Minute Travel, but they said they couldn't do anything. Never using this service again.

3 years ago

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Pojung Chen Cedar Springs, MI

I got the confirmation letter that I've ordered 2-queen-bed room. But, when checking in, the hotel gave me the 1-queen-bed room instead. The manager told me LMT didn't guarantee the exact room when booking... it sucks. "Home2 Suites by Hilton Holland"

1 year ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Tina jaballah London, ENG

Paid money for a flight they cancelled in September. Since then only receive one email to say flights are cancelled.Not heard from them since. Not been able to get in touch with them since,customer service appalling.Never use them again and would definitely nooooot recommend

1 year ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Brian Kim ,

Can confirm the other reviews, the customer service is dreadful. I booked through them and showed up to a hotel that was closed. They claim it was Google's fault that I was not notified. Graciously offered to not charge me a cancellation fee FOR A HOTEL THAT WAS CLOSED.

1 year ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Thad Trusler Round Rock, TX

Took 4 weeks and multiple protests from the bank to get someone's attention at this which point there was no way to reverse the problem. These people are the worst.

1 year ago