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Jetsetter launched in 2009 in an effort to help travelers book unique luxury travel experiences at an affordable price. Owned by TripAdvisor, Jetsetter’s booking and discounted members-only flash sales are curated by a luxury travel company called Secret Escapes. 

In order to be listed on the company's platform, travel accommodations must meet specific standards and offer exclusive pricing. Users can browse through beautiful, luxury vacation accommodations at hotels and resorts around the world. 

Keep reading for pros and cons of booking through this service, plus Jetsetter reviews from real customers. 

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The Good

  • Designed by Travelers
  • Features
  • Correspondents

Designed By Travelers

Unlike most other platforms, Jetsetter was designed by travelers, for travelers. The company specializes in hotel bookings and has set a high standard for accommodations, meaning that all of its deals meet a certain level of quality to prevent a customer from booking a stay at a hotel or resort that is not up to par.


Jetsetter works to help both inexperienced and seasoned travelers. Aside from having the ability to reserve typical travel accommodations, the company offers a number of unique features to consumers who use its platform, including the following:

  • Jetsetter Standard - Each listing is verified according to the company's standards
  • Editor's Picks - Insights into the best all-inclusive vacations and the world's greatest beaches
  • Magazine - Advice and tips about some of the world's top travel destinations
  • Limited Time Sales - Daily flash sales of up to 40 percent


The Jetsetter Standard is what truly sets this booking agency apart from all other travel sites. In order to find travel accommodations that travelers will enjoy, the company enlists the help of a team of correspondents that is comprised of over 200 journalists from the world's top travel publications. Each Jetsetter listing has had a correspondent stay a night to ensure that it earns the Jetsetter Verified Stamp. This verified stamp can be revoked if an accommodation starts to waver in any way in terms of the service offered or the price charged.

The Bad

  • No Apparent Rewards Program
  • Mobile App Limitations
  • Lack of Refunds

No Apparent Rewards Program

While Jetsetter does offer a unique service to travelers, there does not appear to be an ulterior incentive to continue to book through its platform. Unlike a number of other travel agencies and online booking websites, Jetsetter does not seem to offer a rewards program to its users, which means that customers will not earn points or bonuses that can be redeemed for hotel reservations. The lack of a rewards program may be a deterrent for travelers who plan on booking frequent trips through a specific platform or agency.

Mobile App Limitations

When travel booking sites create an app, it is usually done so that travelers can have an easy way to manage their travel from the road and access additional features not found on the desktop version of the platform. The Jetsetter mobile app, on the other hand, is only available for Apple devices and is relatively basic. It does not include many of the functionalities that the online site offers and there are no exclusive offers available through the app.

Lack of Refunds

If a customer books travel accommodations through Jetsetter, they should be prepared to go on that specific trip or risk losing their money. Since Jetsetter is focused on providing discounted hotel rates, there is no protection offered once the reservation has been made. Travel insurance is not an available option, which means that refunds are not guaranteed.

The Bottom Line

Jetsetter was designed by travelers and has a team of correspondents that verify each of its listings to ensure superior quality listings for those who place a reservation through the site. This is a great resource for shoppers interested in great deals on luxury travel. The company also provides a number of features on its website to help users plan their trip. 

However, the product isn’t perfect. Jetsetter does not appear to offer refunds or a rewards program. Further, its mobile app is somewhat basic and does not offer any unique options to enhance customer experience. 

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