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LAST UPDATED: May 20th, 2020

Originally founded in 1998, ebookers.com started out by providing online booking services to those interested in taking part in unique travel experiences at an affordable rate. They work with over 400 airlines and more than 270,000 hotels, rental car providers, and tour/insurance providers to ensure affordable travel rates/prices.

Those familiar with the Expedia online travel agency will be comfortable using ebookers as they are owned by the same parent company and function similarly. 

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The Good

  • Quick Booking
  • Partnerships
  • Rewards Program
  • Discounts

Quick Booking

The ebookers.com platform allows travelers to book all of their travel accommodations in one spot and take advantage of a number of featured deals and discounts. Users will simply need to input a few basic pieces of information regarding their upcoming trip and then thousands of search results will be available to browse. From there, travelers can quickly book and even pay for their accommodations.


Partnerships with travel providers always benefits users on any online travel booking platform. With ebookers.com, users enjoy partnerships with over 400 airlines and more than 270,000 other travel amenity providers. Based on sheer numbers alone, travelers can expect to find an airline, hotel, and any other accommodation they need at a reasonable price all on one platform.

Rewards Program

Users who sign up to be a part of the ebookers.com rewards program can also end up saving more money when booking. The ebookers.com rewards program, known as the BONUS+ rewards program, allows travelers to earn 5 percent cash rewards on travel travel purchases that can instantly be redeemed on the following:

  • Free upgrades at various hotels
  • Free wifi
  • Free breakfast
  • Exclusive benefits


The ebookers.com bundle-and-save option helps travelers take advantage of even more discounts. Users can save up to 15 percent when they book their flight and hotel together. Not only does the bundle option allow for additional savings, it is also backed by the ebookers.com price match guarantee. That means travelers who book on a deal on the platform are guaranteed to receive the best rates on a hotel booking.


The Bad

  • Third-Party Travel Insurance
  • Complaints
  • Mobile App Limitations
  • Customer Service

Third-Party Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is available for purchase on ebookers.com, but it is done through a third-party source. That means travelers will need to manage that part of their trip through a company that is affiliated with the platform. It doesn't necessarily mean a traveler will need to navigate to another website, but there are other players involved and users will need to keep that straight in the event that their travel plans do not work out.


Since it is a part of the Expedia, Inc. family of brands, ebookers.com is quite similar to that of the Expedia platform. Users that are familiar with the Expedia setup will be comfortable using this interface as well. However, unlike some of its sister brands, ebookers.com does not have partnerships and does not pull data from as many providers as competing websites in the travel industry. Common complaints surrounding the ebookers.com platform include:

  • Not as many upscale options
  • No partnership with key airline providers
  • Limited number of travel activities to book

Mobile App Limitations

The ebookers.com mobile app is similar to what is provided through their online service. Users can browse deals and see information points on a number of hotel rooms. Travelers can even reserve upcoming stays and make flight arrangements. However, that is about all the app can do. Occasionally there will be mobile-exclusive offers, but that is not a regular practice. Travelers can still utilize the BONUS+ rewards program through the mobile app as well.

Customer Service

Several ebookers reviews have stated that the customer service team is difficult to contact. A customer can only contact an online travel agent by phone, making it a frustrating experience to solve travel problems for many guests. Several travelers have also had a difficult time getting a refund from ebookers.com, even when they had a cancelled flight.


The Bottom Line

Those conducting research for their upcoming travels will be able to appreciate the ebookers.com platform. While there are missing aspects to the overall model, ebookers.com does include a number of reasonable and affordable deals some users may want to consider when reserving travel accommodations. Travelers that use the ebookers.com platform can expect the following from their service:

  1. Aggregated data from hundreds of travel websites
  2. Savings through discounted offers and promotions
  3. BONUS+ rewards program for additional savings
  4. Basic mobile app
  5. Some limitations/restrictions in travel insurance

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Lilly Aaron ,

I booked flights with e-bookers which included four flights from the UK to mexico with internal flights while I would be in mexico. I have two middle names. In transferring my name to the aeromexico booking, ebookers mangled my name, making one of middle names my surname and removing my surname entirely. When I first got the confirmation I assumed my surname was missing because of the length of my full name. When I came to select my seats a month before the flight I noticed the entire surname missing. I immediately called and explained the issue. After TWO WEEKS of messing around with forms, sending them copies of my passport, being on hold for an hour every time I called them, them hanging up on me CONSTANTLY and them repeatedly asking for my 'marriage certificate to explain why I had change my surname' (I hadn't). They finally sent me a curt email to say the airline wouldn't change the name at all and my only option was to cancel the £570 ticket with a refund of £70 in taxes only and rebook a ticket for £1000. £500 wasted and an extortionate £1000 basic economy ticket. I called them in tears, the guy on the end of the phone hung up on me. I called again still in tears, the guy said he would 'try one last time to ask the airline and would call me back'. He never called me back. No one ever replied to my emails after this. Completely at a loss I guessed the email of an executive leadership team member of the airline and explained what had happened. Within an hour he had replied and asked for my number. Within another hour his assistant had called me and my ticket had been cancelled and a new one issued free of charge. I was speechless - how could ebookers have let me down so monumentally. Essentially, ebookers are more than useless. They are heartless and completely incompetent. Aeromexico are golden and have a customer for life (but one that will be booking directly and avoiding expedia/ ebookers).

2 years ago