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LAST UPDATED: December 17th, 2020

Best Deals Hawaii is a local Hawaii travel website that specializes in all travel related details for Hawaii. The company prides itself on providing the best deals on everything from tours and activities to shopping and transportation and more.

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The Good

  • Specializes in Hawaii
  • Search Engine Functionality
  • Browse Based on Island Feature

Specializes in Hawaii

Best Deals Hawaii offers services in Hotels, Airport Shuttle, Car Rentals, Vacation Rentals, and Flights. The unique feature of Best Deals Hawaii is the company only offers its services for Hawaii. This approach is advantageous for the consumer because the company knows one market exceptionally well rather than spreading its focus across multiple regions. 

Search Engine Functionality

The website’s search engine can tell the consumer everything related to their query that connects to any past or current deals. When searching for a particular deal this can be advantageous in knowing from a birds-eye view of what is available right away. 

Browse Based on Island Feature

The company has organized its site to be viewed by the island. When viewing the deals by island, the consumer can see all of the categories available to that particular island, such as transportation and hotels.


The Bad

  • Limited Deals Listed
  • No Clear Cancellation Policy
  • Quality of Site

Limited Deals Listed

On most of the Deals by Island pages, there are no deals available to be seen; instead, the consumer is directed to call a number for further assistance. The lack of deals could be a reflection of the current 2020–2021 season of travel being limited due to COVID-19. 

No Clear Cancellation Policy

After reviewing the terms and conditions of Best Deals Hawaii, there are no clear directives as to the company’s official cancellation policy. The only reference to cancellation seems to come from the company’s side in protecting their rights to cancel if the consumer doesn’t meet specific criteria or for other reasons. 

Quality of Site

When browsing the site of Best Deals Hawaii and comparing it to other travel industry agencies, the site is sparse in information. There are not many unique features or a presence of a customer service influence in assisting the customer in making the best decision possible. Some links throughout the site are not functioning and lead to a blank page, and the links that do function lead to third-party websites.


The Bottom Line

Overall, Best Deals Hawaii has a unique approach to the industry of travel to the state of Hawaii. The deals are sparse currently on the website but may be due to the current 2020–2021 condition of COVID-19. 

When comparing Best Deals Hawaii with other travel agencies in the industry, it would be difficult to claim they can offer a better service over other companies. In an era of rewards programs helping build brand loyalty and trust, it’s difficult for a company like Best Deals Hawaii not to offer a rewards program. The lack of a public cancellation policy makes it challenging for a consumer to build brand loyalty with a company that isn’t upfront in how it can protect the consumer.

It would be advantageous for any consumer planning to travel to Hawaii to compare other agencies’ features and policies before doing business with Best Deals Hawaii. 

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