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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

Founded in 2001, AirGorilla is a travel booking site that aggregates information from a number of other search services and allows consumers to book flights, hotels, car rentals, and vacation packages through its platform.

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The Good

  • Aggregated Information
  • Travel Accommodations
  • Extra Features
  • Group Bookings

Aggregated Information

AirGorilla has helped thousands of travelers over the last several years. During that time, AirGorilla has found a way to aggregate information from airlines directly and other travel sites to provide travelers with a comprehensive and comparable look at various accommodations.

Travel Accommodations

AirGorilla doesn't just help travelers to book a plane ticket to a desired location. In addition to finding the cheapest airfares, the company also allows travelers to make hotel reservations and rent cars during their stay. There are also a variety of vacation packages and bundles available to travelers. Aspects of the AirGorilla site that consumers found most useful include:

  • An easy-to-use interface that features car rentals, airfare, and hotels
  • Other travel options, including traveler's insurance, cell phone service, and other necessities for taking an extended trip
  • Travel rentals for most of the major cities throughout the United States
  • International travel bookings

Extra Features

There are plenty of online travel agencies that allow travelers to book flights, hotel rooms, rental cars, and even certain vacation activities. For the most part, it is these extra features that set a travel agency apart. AirGorilla offers a number of added bonuses to help travelers during the booking process. These resources include:

  • Protected transactions - All purchases are protected by a state-of-the-art secure socket layer to prevent theft of financial or personal information
  • Booking partnerships - Travelers can choose from a number of discounted hotel and car rental rates
  • Traveling tools - Travelers can use the flight tracker to see travel advisories and warnings, the foreign currency exchange tool to see prices while traveling, or the GPS tool to help with driving while on vacation

Group Bookings

When booking travel online, the process is typically designed for one or two individuals to go in and book necessary flights and hotel reservations. However, AirGorilla allows groups of 10+ people to book their travel accommodations.


The Bad

  • Rewards Program
  • Limited Vacation Rental Cities

Rewards Program

While AirGorilla offers a number of features and services, the company does not appear to offer a rewards program for customers who consistently book through its platform. Several other travel booking sites incentives customers by allowing them to earn points, discounts, and other rewards, but AirGorilla, unfortunately, does no such thing.

Limited Vacation Rental Cities

Consumers seem to enjoy AirGorilla's vacation rental service but would like to see the company offer vacation rentals in more cities. The company's available destinations are somewhat limited and it is possible that a traveler may not be able to find rental services for their city of choice.


The Bottom Line

AirGorilla provides aggregated information, several travel accommodations, a variety of extra features, and group booking options. However, the company does not appear to offer a rewards program and its available destinations are somewhat limited.

All in all, AirGorilla may be a good option for consumers who are looking to book several accommodations for a large group in one place. However, consumers who would prefer to work with a company that offers a rewards program will have better luck elsewhere.

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