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LAST UPDATED: January 3rd, 2022

AirFareWatchDog was launched in 1998 by George Hobica, who was working as a travel journalist when he realized that there was a need for specialized consumer issues. AirFareWatchDog quickly grew into a success and became part of the Smarter Travel Media Network, which hosts a number of travel sites.

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The Good

  • Technology
  • Network
  • Today's Top Fares List
  • Resources


AirFareWatchDog was created to help users plan and book travel accommodations without red tape or confusion. To ensure that travelers can manage and organize travel seamlessly, AirFareWatchDog searches through thousands of airfares and analyzes millions of hotel details to provide travelers with some of the best travel deals available. The company's technology enables travelers to quickly find flight arrangements and hotel reservations that will work with their schedules and budgets.


While AirFareWatchDog is known for spotting and listing discounts and affordable rates for airfare, the company also has an extensive network that hunts down discounts and affordable rates on hotel rooms and vacation packages. Consumers who use AirFareWatchDog's platform have access to the following:

  • Real analysts - The AirFareWatchDog staff includes airfare analysts who research airfares to make sure they're good deals
  • Alerts and comparisons - The platform will send alerts when analysts find low fares or incredible hotel deals
  • Value deals - Analysts sort through millions of hotel property details to find price, location, and ratings so that travelers receive the best deals possible

Today's Top Fares List

One of AirFareWatchDog's helpful features for prospective travelers is its "Today's Top Fares" list on the homepage of its site. Fares are not always specific to the destination that a traveler may be searching for, but if it so happens that the destinations and travel times work out, users can take advantage of these discounts. There is also a searching tool within this window that allows travelers to input information and search for specific fares. Because of this feature, many shoppers use AirFareWatchDog to search for airline mistake fares and cheap flights.


If a traveler is inexperienced or does not know a specific region very well, they can find resources on AirFareWatchDog's platform. The company's travel blog features a number of articles covering several travel topics and destinations. This information can benefit travelers as they prepare to go on a trip.


The Bad

  • Limitations
  • Rewards Program
  • Mobile App


While AirFareWatchDog does offer a number of valuable services, there are a few holes in its platform. The company is really only designed to satisfy booking needs in three areas: flights, hotels, and vacation packages. Beyond that, there is not much that AirFareWatchDog can do to help consumers book travel arrangements, meaning that those who want to book rental cars or cruises will have to look elsewhere.

Rewards Program

Typically, travel booking companies offer incentives for travelers to continue to book through their platforms. However, AirFareWatchDog does not appear to offer a rewards program for travelers who frequently book travel accommodations using its site.

Mobile App

Both Apple and Android users can download the AirFareWatchDog app to help manage travel. While it is nice that the company has developed its own mobile app, it does not necessarily provide anything unique or special. In fact, the app essentially lists the exact same information found on the website, just in a consolidated fashion. There are no additional features or benefits that come along with AirFareWatchDog's mobile app.


The Bottom Line

AirFareWatchDog uses technology to pull from a network of travel accommodation providers. The company also provides tools and resources on its website to help users plan and book their trips. However, AirFareWatchDog does not allow travelers to reserve rental cars or book cruises and its mobile app is relatively basic. Further, the company does not appear to offer a rewards program.

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tunisia sulzbach

The person making the reservation kept entering incorrect information. Finally, after receiving the correct flight confirmation, we noticed he added a reservation for hotel stay, which we didn't ask for. On the way back, we wanted to extend our reservation a few days. The person took our information and said he would contact us in 1 to 2 hrs, but never did. We contacted him back and he said he was having difficulty contacting the airline. Funny how we were able to contact the airline 3 times that day. We tried going through the airline, but they also couldn't get in contact with the travel agency. In short, we couldn't extend our flight. I won't be using them again.

6 months ago

star star star star_border star_border

Joycee Red Oak, TX

I can never find the rate that my email states my flight will be. I still rated this a 3 because there are better rates than on the airline site. The ad/email is misleading - and actual rates usually $100 more than advertised.

3 years ago


Review Source

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Michelle Schow Saratoga Springs, UT

I have used AirFareWatchDog to compare airline prices and find the best deals. Sometimes the advertised prices are already gone or expired, so you have to be careful not to get your hopes up when you see the initial price. Make sure to click into the site to confirm the dates.

2 years ago


Review Source

star star star star star_border

Shauna Horne American Fork, UT

I have several alerts with AirFareWatchDog and they send me information on good deals on the destinations I want to fly to. I like getting the alerts, but often I can't find the deal because they sell out fast.

2 years ago


Review Source

star star star star star_border

Nicole LeBaron Provo, UT

AirFareWatchDog is great option for finding cheap flights. I feel like their flight prices aren’t as low as they say they are. I find the prices just as similar to other flight websites.

3 years ago


Review Source

star star star star star_border

BLF Pleasant Grove, UT

I have used AirFaireWatchDog to track flight prices so that I can find a good price on plane tickets. They sent me emails when a flight price changes and I have found some really good deals use their service.

3 years ago


Review Source

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L. Fowler Pleasant Grove, UT

They have a great way to notify me if there is a price drop in airfare. I like to watch for good deals and they do a great job with letting me know through email.

4 years ago

star star star star_border star_border

Marissa Redwood Falls, MN

I really like this company, but they send way too many emails that were unrelated to what I was searching for, so I had to unsubscribe from all of them.

3 years ago