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    Pros and Cons of Travel Sites — Traveling After the Pandemic
    In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, travelers have vented their frustrations in countless pages of negative reviews. Many missed out on their vacations and lost money as well. As people start traveling again, should they us...
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    The Future of Travel
    After flight cancellations, hotel closures, and stay-home orders all over the world, will people want to travel again? The panic caused by the coronavirus pandemic has changed how we view the world, but the travel industry i...
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    How to Stay Healthy While Traveling
    Since the shutdown in travel caused by the coronavirus outbreak, consumers are more aware than ever about how easily germs spread. Rising positive case counts showed everyone that there are a lot of germs hiding on common su...
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    How to Cancel a Trip Booked on Expedia: 5 Lessons Learned
    4:30pm - Before leaving the office, I double-check to make sure all my reservations (all booked on are good to go. Alaska Airlines flight at 7:15 the next morning? Already checked in online and scored a sweet ...
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    The 7 Most Epic (and Most Common) Airbnb Fails
    When it comes to new technology companies, it's easy to get swept up in the novelty. One favorite object of gushing from the media and online hipsters alike has been booking site Airbnb, which (for the uninitiated out ther...
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