5 Ingredients for a Romantic Getaway

Anne-Marie Hays

Last Updated: April 8th, 2021

Polling data from Branded Research found that about 50 percent of U.S. consumers have been on a romantic getaway, while 34 percent have not, but would like to go.

An infographic that features romantic getaway polling data. This data is explained further in the article's main text.

Five out of ten people prefer to go to the beach for a romantic time with that special someone. From there, 18 percent would prefer a trip to the countryside, 12 percent would find a trip to a special city romantic, while 11 percent think that a snowy mountain trip would be the best.

What makes a trip romantic? It depends on who you are asking. If you are looking to plan for a romantic anniversary, engagement, or holiday trip, where should you start?

We asked travel experts and romantics alike for some advice to turn your trip into a special, romantic getaway.

Sunset pier

Location: Where should you go or stay?

“Nothing screams romantic more than having a gorgeous backdrop. We are suckers for beach getaways so having a place where we can soak up the sunset in complete bliss wins for us both every day.” — Jessica Armstrong, Glamping Hub

“That you actually "get away" ! While staycations can be great every now and then, true romantic getaways are best when you're able to disconnect from everything and everyone in your life and just spend time with each other.” — Kylie, Leaving Kyliefornia

“Location is key for a perfect romantic getaway, as is the resort you choose to stay in. In fact, your surroundings are everything when it comes to being romantic, whether it's a stay in Paris to watch the Eiffel Tower light up together, or a trip to Venice to admire the scenic views on a gondola. 
Booking a surprise getaway is the most romantic element of all; receiving a holiday that you didn’t need to plan or book means you can enjoy a break away with complete ease and shows thoughtfulness and sentiment.
To plan an anniversary or Valentine's trip, make a list of places your partner has previously mentioned they want to visit in the past, and note down the features of a holiday that you would both enjoy.
Connecting on a holiday away can be done in so many ways, from booking secluded resorts for you to both simply enjoy each other’s company, to booking specialized programs that benefit you as a couple. Alternatively, enjoy excursions which spark memories from your time together, or create new ones.” — Frances Geoghegan, Managing Director at Healing Holidays

“Key ingredients for the perfect romantic getaway should include a destination that has a combination of being both quiet and remote, while also having a special experience to share. 

One of our favorite romantic getaways is going to California's central coast. We stay in Cambria, a charming small town on the coast with just enough restaurants and shops to fulfill a couple easy hours. Our main activity is visiting the Hearst Castle, which is fascinating and romantic in itself. We might do a little wine tasting and squeeze in a walk by the beach, but there's still plenty of time to relax in the room together with just the two of us. Beyond the castle, the agenda is light and easy, making the overall weekend relaxing, and the drive there is beautiful too.   

When I think big city, there's so many sites to see, places to go, and things to do. While this might be a fun trip, if you want a romantic trip, you should remove a lot of the distractions so that you can focus on your partner.” — Zack Taylor, Life Insurance 420

“Go somewhere that’s cold so you can cuddle up to your loved one. Sure a tropical getaway sounds exciting, but nothing is as romantic as being able to keep warm together whether it’s in front of the fire or lounging in a jacuzzi. Bring on the snow to really see sparks fly.” — Susanna Williams, The Inn At Patrick Square

“The key ingredient is to leave all the worries and work behind. The positive mindset is the key to the perfect romantic getaway. The other important factor is choosing the right place to stay. Boutique hotels, small resorts are so much better than big hotel chains. It's always good to travel off the beaten path, to be able to discover unknown places with your partner.

Even if you choose to take a romantic city break to the big city, there is always something interesting to see there that is not so popular. Avoid tourist places, go to the outskirts of the city, visit local restaurants.” — Karolina Klesta, Lazy Travel


Food and drink: Where should you eat?

Everyone enjoys trying a new restaurant. One of my personal favorites in town is a replica of one of the most romantic structures in the world — the Eiffel Tower. Not only is the restaurant top-rated, but it's high above the strip, and it's located across the street from the Bellagio fountains. I highly suggest going during the evening so couples can take in the water show at the same time. — Jenna Phillips, Independent VIP Host, Vegas Primer

“At the Marble Bar tasting rooms in Aspen and Carbondale, guests can imbibe on chocolate and spirit pairings with flavor profiles complementing a vodka-chocolate flight and a whiskey-chocolate flight.” — Lea Tucker, Aspen Skiing Company

Activities: What should you plan to do on a romantic trip?

“Include opportunities to connect on a personal level...perhaps some fun board or card games, shared activities like a two person jetted tub in a spa-like environment, couple's massage, cuddling up by a fire, and enjoying a favorite movie.” — Stephen Fofanoff, Innkeeper at Domaine Madeleine

“My favorite romantic trip is when we’re exploring an entirely new country together and going on an adventure. Trying new foods for the first time and listening to new music can bring us closer than I ever thought. When you’re getting lost in city streets, you’ll find new and exciting areas you’ve never experienced before. This has brought me closer to my significant other than any other vacation.” — Susanna Williams, The Inn At Patrick Square

“Private activities for two, especially something you both have never experienced before. This can be anywhere from horseback riding on the beach at sunset to ziplining through the jungle. We love having new experiences for the first time. Glamping is a big one couples tend to choose in order to have an adventure with added comforts and luxury from a unique place.” — Jessica Armstrong, Glamping Hub

“Midweek retreats are a great way for couples to reconnect, and it's also nice because it's always a little quieter since most kids are in school. RiverWalk Resort at Loon Mountain in Lincoln, New Hampshire is the perfect winter getaway with many romantic experiences for couples to take advantage of, like ice skating, wine tasting, couple’s massage or spa treatments, an outdoor heated pool, snowshoeing and snowmobiling.” — Sharyn Frankel, RiverWalk Resort

“Go on an Adrenaline Adventure: Scientific studies suggest that whenever you're in anxiety or adrenaline-producing situations with your significant other, sexual attraction increases. For my couples, I recommend racing exotic cars on a speedway, a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon, or an off-roading experience.” — Jenna Phillips, Independent VIP Host, Vegas Primer

“Here, locals believe that the key ingredient to a perfect romantic getaway is authenticity, which helps couples bond.  Include some exhilarating outdoor activities like zip lining or paddle boarding. Take a romantic stroll around a historic downtown and top everything off with a fresh, home-cooked meal.” — Susan Smith, Visit Bastrop

Bikes at a beach

Relax: How can you de-stress and enjoy your vacation?

“Don't bring work with you. Find ways to unplug and de-stress together. Enjoy the surroundings and be pampered. Spend the day in robes and slippers, or go out for a bike ride together in the nearby countryside.” — Stephen Fofanoff, Innkeeper at Domaine Madeleine

“To be in a romantic mood, it helps to be relaxed. And, in my opinion, there's nothing better to elicit feelings of relaxation than spending time outdoors. To get away from the casinos, I suggest a trip to Red Rock Canyon. It's a fantastic day trip because you can drive the 13-mile scenic loop with points of interest stops along the way. Or you can park and go hiking along one of the many trails. The scenery is phenomenal.” — Jenna Phillips, Independent VIP Host, Vegas Primer

“The key ingredient for a perfect romantic getaway is solitude and an escape from electronic devices. Nothing is romantic when you’re screaming over a crowd. And when you’re glued to your cell phone or computer, you might as well be back at the house. Instead, book a cabin in a secluded mountain and disconnect from your devices. Spend time getting to know your loved one again and you’ll feel as if you’re on your first date.” — Susanna Williams, The Inn At Patrick Square

“Go somewhere tropical, order a piña colada, and leave your phone in the room. By living in the present a truly spending time with your significant other, you'll remember why you two fell in love in the first place.” — Kylie, Leaving Kyliefornia

Be flexible: What happens if things don’t go to plan?

“Be flexible. Your flight may be canceled or you may have noisy neighbours. No matter what will happen, try to be flexible and have fun.

My husband and I spent our honeymoon in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. The first week was amazing: we were sunbathing, trying local food and having lots of fun. Then, we both got terrible food poisoning. We both spent the next week either in bed or on a toilet. Surprisingly, it hasn't ruined our honeymoon. We've been talking a lot, especially about the things that we would have done if we weren't sick! This week had really strengthened our relationship, we've been more like best friends than lovers.” — Karolina Klesta, Lazy Travel

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