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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
A major competitor in the online travel agency industry, Orbitz.com was originally formed by a group of U.S. airlines in 1999. The Orbitz.com site went live online in 2001. Orbitz.com seeks to make it easy for travelers to find the perfect hotel, book the best flight, and reserve the right car, among other offerings. The online travel agency constantly updates its latest deals to destinations like New York and Las Vegas. 

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The Good

  • Travel services
  • Mobile app
  • Rewards program
  • Travel protection

Travel Services

Orbitz is one of the leading providers in online travel booking. Its resources and technology help thousands of travelers each year to book vacations and take advantage of low rates on flights, hotels, rental cars, cruises, and other travel accommodations and activities.

Mobile App

Along with its simple website, Orbitz.com separates itself again from other competitors by not only having a mobile app for Apple and Android users. It also has a mobile app for Kindle Fire users which increases Orbitz.com's customer base.

Rewards Program

Orbitz offers a three-tier travel rewards program that allows customers to earn Orbucks, the company's own currency. Orbucks are earned when customers book travel for others, book using the Orbitz mobile app, or book a package.

Travel Protection

Orbitz offers travel insurance through Allianz Global Assistance, which provides added protection and gives customers peace of mind while traveling. Customers can choose to add travel protection upon booking or add it up until the day before departure.

The Bad

  • Limited booking options

Limited Booking Options

While Orbitz allows customers to book travel accommodations online, the company does not allow them to book over the phone or in-person. This can be frustrating for customers who are not comfortable booking online.

The Bottom Line

Orbitz offers several travel services, travel protection, a rewards program, and a mobile app. However, the company limits its booking options to online only.
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Cheyenne Lithonia, GA

Around 6pm on June, 12th, 2015, a friend and I were attempting to book a trip to Cancun from Atlanta. The Orbitz website was having problems with a simple promo code. So we proceeded to conference call Orbitz to ask the question "Can we process this booking online and be given the money off from the promo code at a later time since to website isn't working?". The agent, Ross, refused to answer my question after asking it 3 times but insisted on processing our bookings herself. Ross begins to work on my friend's trip at a snails rate. All the while still not answering my question. It took Ross 45 to process that first package. Orbitz states on their website the prices are subject to change. When it came time to book my package for 2 people, 45 minutes later, the price had jumped up $60. I explained to Ross that I should not have to pay that extra amount because had she of just answered my question the first 4 times I asked it, I would've finished my booking before the price hike. It took Ross another 30 minutes to completely my booking after which I asked for her name and asked to speak to a supervisor. We were on hold for 20 more minutes. Finally the supervisor comes to the phone, I explain to her the situation at hand from start to finish. The supervisor who's name I did not catch, proceeds to tell me that Orbitz can only offer me a $60 voucher. I asked her can that voucher be applied towards my trip, my checked bags, or anything useful. She tells me it can only be used towards a future trip and that Orbitz doesn't do refunds. I explain to her that you guys already proved inadequate with booking trips I have no reason to even want to use Orbitz services again. She offered to raise the voucher to $70 towards a future trip. I let her know I do not accept this offer and I want a partial refund. She says I'll make sure to put that in the note and hung up. About 15 minutes my partner on the trip decides to call Orbitz and ask for a partial refund. In a one hour phone call he spoke to 3 different Orbitz employees. A random woman, Rex the supervisor, and Matthew the manager. After reiterating the situation each time, all 3 employees stated that Orbitz does not give refunds at all. Which I believe to be impossible that a multi-million dollar company like Orbitz is incapable of giving refunds to its customers who they have wronged. Matthew offered us an $80 voucher and refused to give us the number of his boss. Orbitz unwillingness to help its customers is astounding. It seems as though their entire staff has been trained that "There is nothing I can do to help fix this." is a viable answer to any problem at hand. Of course I have every intention on going to Cancun and having the time of my life. What I refuse to accept is that I should have to come out of pocket for a lack of proper training on their employees side. It is not right. The vast majority of Orbitz customers use their service to save money, while my savings were taken from me. Before dealing with Ross and the Orbitz website messing up, the total price for my vacation package would've been $1,522 after the promo code of $150 off the total price. What I ended up paying because of Ross was $1,582.57. That is $60 I was supposed to be saving and applying towards my vacation. My measly $60 is all I ask for. This is what I get for stepping out on Priceline. Never cheat on a good thing.

6 years ago

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Lindsay Fritts San Diego, CA

Have book a couple of flights and hotels through Orbitz, I like that they have a 24 hour cancellation makes it easy to book something on a whim and give yourself some time to think about it.

3 years ago


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Joanna Hester Gilbert, AZ

For our last vacation, we used Orbitz to find our flights. I love that I can see the prices for several airlines in one place. We found the flight we wanted at a reasonable price.

3 years ago

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Jeff Martin Layton, UT

Used this to plan a trip and there were great deals and packages. I used it for plane tickets, hotel booking, and activities all in one. Awesome resource.

3 years ago

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Julia Fairfax, VA

Worst travel agency ever. They steal your money and do not give you any refund. Do not trust their 24 hour free cancellation policy for flights. You may not get your refund!

3 years ago