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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Ohio Technical College was originally founded in 1969. It was first known by the name of the Ohio Diesel Mechanics School. It transformed over the years to cover multiple automotive and technical industries and areas of study. Today, Ohio Technical College is a private automative technical college based out of Cleveland, Ohio. There are roughly 1,500 enrolled students studying various automotive skills and techniques. The college continues to expand and has even been featured on the Weatherhead list of the 100 fastest growing companies in Northeast Ohio. Ohio Technical College has partnered and entered into multiple contracts with brands/companies such as: BMW, PowerSport Institute, and Edelbrock.

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The Good

  • Program catalog
  • Graduation and job placement
  • Financial aid
  • Term lengths

Program Catalog

There are a number of programs available to students enrolled at Ohio Technical College interested in the automotive and mechanical industries. Program focuses include the following: auto diesel technology, collision repair and refinishing technology, manufacturer training, classic car restoration technology, complete automotive technology, diesel equipment technology, motorcycle and power-sports technology, high performance and racing technology, rod and custom technology, and welding and fabrication technology. Program lengths for each of these subjects will vary.

Graduation and Job Placement

Students concerned about program reputation and future employment do not need to have those concerns if enrolled in an Ohio Technical College program. OTC has reported that all (100%) of their students who start out in one of their programs graduate with some sort of degree or certification needed to qualify in an automotive industry. Additionally, Ohio Technical College offers job and career placement services. These services help students find prospective employment and help place them with employers that could use their diverse set of skills. About sixty-one percent of all graduates leave Ohio Technical College with employment secured.

Financial Aid

To help cover the costs of Ohio Technical College programs, there are options students can take advantage of. One that is of particular value is available to qualified students through the federal government programs. Students who complete necessary paperwork and are eligible may be able to obtain a federal grant or loan to off-set the costs of their education. Grants do not need to be paid back; however, loans must be paid back with interest.

Term Lengths

Depending on what program or area of study a student decides to go into, the time commitment will vary. Typically, students that enroll in one of the Ohio Technical Institute programs will be able to graduate within 12-18 months. Specifics regarding how long a specific program will take to complete can be found on the school's website. Completing all coursework within a year to a year and a half is a major draw to OTC, especially for students who want to get started on their professional career relatively quickly.

The Bad

  • Tuition/program costs
  • Availability

Tuition/Program Costs

It is not unusual for vocational and secondary education providers, like Ohio Technical College, to charge thousands of dollars in order to complete one of their programs. While each program offered through Ohio Technical College will come with its own set of additional fees and tuition costs, it has been reported that students can expect to pay somewhere in the $27,300 range. Initially, this amount may seem to be a great sum of money but compared to traditional universities, it would come out to be a fraction of the costs. Couple this with the fact that Ohio Technical College helps their students secure employment and it makes the costs seem less daunting.


Despite their ever-growing structure and treasured partnerships, Ohio Technical College has not expanded outside of Cleveland. There is currently only one campus where students can go to take part in the OTC curriculum. There is no online option for remote learning either, but that is no surprise considering the necessary hands-on approach to this specific subject manner. Ohio Technical College does offer student housing for those interested in relocating in order to complete coursework.

The Bottom Line

Ohio Technical College offers a range of programs all dealing with the automotive and mechanical industries. They are a vocational school that directly prepares students for immediate employment upon graduation. The cost to complete one of these programs is relatively pricey, but there are financial aid programs designed to help students ease this financial burden. It is important to note, however, that there is only one Ohio Technical College location and there are not online options for remote study. Students interested in the automotive industry and want to get a jump-start on their mechanical career will likely find value in what Ohio Technical College has to offer.
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