Los Angeles Trade-Tech (LATTC) was founded in 1925 originally as Frank Wiggins Trade School. LA Trade-Tech is the oldest of nine other public two-year colleges in the Los Angeles Community College District which covers 882 square miles. Almost half of the LA Trade-Tech students work more than 30 hours each week while attending school. Their vision is to be "a global leader known for effectively incorporating leading-edge theories, proven educational practices, hands-on experiences, and technology into our career-technical and professional programs."

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The Good

  • Number of Programs
  • Tuition and Financial Aid
  • Job Placement Services

Number of Programs

With Los Angeles Trade-Tech covering such a big area with potential students, it's only appropriate that they offer enough programs to service the variety and number of people they could acquire. LATTC currently offers 46 different (unspecialized) programs which includes, but isn't limited to, advanced manufacturing, architectural technology, diesel and related technologies, street maintenance, water and wastewater, and more. There are so many different options for students to choose from with LATTC that they most likely won't have to look elsewhere for the programs they are interested in. The more programs the better for the students and the college. LA Trade-Tech provides one of the highest number of programs for a trade college in the country.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Los Angeles Trade-Tech charges students $46 per unit for California residents and $289 per unit (including the enrollment fee) for out-of-state residents, with most programs ranging from 15-48 units. This will end up costing anywhere from $690 - $13,872 depending on the program. It's important to note that the tuition isn't the only expense students need to worry about. There are other smaller fees associated with going to school such as parking passes, health services, and more that can add up if the student needs.

It's important for students to recognize that they can greatly cut their programs fees by applying for financial aid. LATTC qualifies for federal financial aid either through the school or program. Students can get a big chunk of their tuition covered by this option. Another option available is through federal work-study programs. Through these two options, and other financial assistance opportunities (such as scholarships), students can find ways to make school affordable.

Job Placement Services

Los Angeles Trade Tech's mission for job placement is to "provide community services to employers looking for employees by referring capable and qualified students and graduates." LATTC not only works with the students, but they also work with employers to get more success. Students can also contact their Student Employment Center for more details on how to better improve their chance at landing a job. Trade colleges that provide opportunities for students to gain employment will score better than those who do not.

The Bad

  • Unknown Information

Unknown Information

Our biggest frustration with Los Angeles Trade-Tech is that they do not provide any statistical information about their college. This includes details on loan repayment defaults rates, job placement rates, and graduation rates. These are all big indicators of the success of the school and not having information available can make it seem like the school is trying to hide those statistics. People could assume that if a school were proud of their success, then they would be very open to sharing those rates with the public. We believe that it is better to post bad statistics than not to publish them at all. If LATTC were to start disclosing their statistics, their score would improve.

The Bottom Line

Even though it may appear that the number of "goods" heavily outweigh the "bads" with Los Angeles Trade-Tech, it's actually the other way around. The number of missing information for LATTC greatly affects their Overall Score because we can't compare their information to the other trade colleges. Once they decide to publish the missing rates, we can expect them to move their way up on the ranking list. Until then, we have reservations with LA Trade-Tech even though it may be a good option for students directly in the college's area.

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