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LAST UPDATED: July 22nd, 2021
Ivy Tech Community College was founded in 1963 originally as Indiana Vocational Technical College. In it's starting years, their main focus was on technical and vocational education. Today they are a full-fledged community college for Indiana residents. They offer more than 1,000 online classes in addition to hands-on experience with advanced technologies and training facilities. All this comes with small class sizes averaging about 22. Ivy Tech has even more to offer. They currently have 32 degree-granting locations, serve more than 170,000 students each year, and teach classes in more than 75 different communities. Ivy Tech's mission is to "prepare Indiana residents to learn, live, and work in a diverse and globally competitive environment by delivering professional, technical, transfer, and lifelong education."

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The Good

  • Cost of Attendance
  • Job Placement Services

Cost of Attendance

It's always nice when a college is very upfront and clear about how their expenses are broken down. With Ivy Tech Community College they charge $135.15 per credit hour for Indiana residents and $264.40 for non-residents. If a student takes between 18-60 credits depending on the program they will end up paying anywhere between $2,432 and $15,864. We like how this is easy to understand and the options they have for financial assistance. Ivy Tech qualifies for federal financial aid as well as federal work-study programs. This gives students more opportunities to cut their expenses down.

Job Placement Services

We also like the fact that Ivy Tech CC offers career development resources. They will help students with all types employment needs whether you're a current student looking for a part-time job or if you're an alumni and looking for a full-time job. They can even help employers looking to fill a position. The options are endless at Ivy Tech, and they are looking to help in any aspect.

The Bad

  • Graduation Rate
  • Undisclosed Information
  • Number of Programs

Graduation Rate

Ivy Tech Community College has a graduation rate of 11%. This information was taken from 2012 statistics which is the most recent we could find. Regardless of if you are using a "grade scale" to put the 11 percent into perspective or comparing it other trade colleges, you will find that Ivy Tech's rate is pretty low. This is concerning as a lot of factors could take a toll on the graduation rate. It could be anything from the quality of professors, to the type of atmosphere, approach to curriculum, etc. No matter what the reason is, something needs to be fixed to help that rate become much better.

Undisclosed Information

Undisclosed information is never good as it leaves potential customers questioning, and it also leads to transparency issues. We couldn't find information on job placement rates as well as loan repayment default rates. Job placement rates are good to know because students can get an idea of if the career development program is successful. If they have good rates, then students can heavily rely on their assets, if not students can save time and begin to look elsewhere. With loan repayment rates it can give consumers an idea of if the school's tuition may be more expensive than it needs to be, or if the school does a poor job in preparing graduates for successful employment. High default rates are not good and hinder us as well as potential students from getting a better idea of the overall quality of the college.

Number of Programs

Ivy Tech is a non-specialized school meaning it is now a community college rather than a trade college. However, we still rank Ivy Tech Community College as a trade college because they were originally a vocational technical college, to begin with and they still offer specialized programs among others. Right now, they have nine different trade courses which is very minimal compared to other colleges where they offer 20-30 options. With how big Ivy Tech Community College is, they should be able to handle adding more specialized courses.

The Bottom Line

Ivy Tech Community College is not impressive as a trade college. They do not offer a lot of specialized options and their statistics show they aren't of much quality when it comes to low graduation rates and missing rates such as job placement and cohort loan rates. It's great that students have so many options to get financial assistance, so if you're considering Ivy Tech anyways then this is a feature to take advantage off. Regardless, they still have a lot of improvement to be made in order to compete with other top-ranked trade colleges.
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Stephanie Anderson, IN

I decided to enroll in college while pretty much losing my business to this pandemic and home schooling my children, it was the best decision I made! I thought I shouldn't enroll because I felt too old lol, I just turned 40 in April, you are never too old! I am pursuing my associates in computer science/ software and I am almost half way through..I am taking shorter classes but taking on double the work 💪all from home! My gpa is 3.2 (that shocked me lol). I take on 2 classes each season. Ivy has been extremely helpful in every step and they want you to succeed (forgot to mention my hone ivy tech location is anderson, indiana)! They have helped me with financial aid to getting problems sorted out, and when I had covid, they even got me another grant to help pay bills! Forever grateful to them and surprised at how much they truly care about their students. If you think you can't afford college, aid helps more than you know, I haven't paid a dime out of pocket. Now is the time to better your career and future. I love Ivy tech!

11 months ago