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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Greenville Technical College (GTC) was founded in 1962, and their focus was to work with employers to give students the skills they needed in order to qualify for good jobs and succeed in their careers. Their college isn't limited to one campus, they have several in Greenville County area with nine different locations.

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The Good

  • Number of Programs
  • Financial Aid
  • Job Placement Services

Number of Programs

One of the best things about Greenville Technical College is that they have a ton of different programs to choose from. They currently list 82 different choices. This includes, but is not limited to, construction engineering, engineering design, HRVAC, industrial maintenance, machine tool, transportation, welding and much more. Not many other colleges have as many options as GTC. Students have the flexibility to attend Greenville and if they do not like their particular specialty, they can easily change without the hassle of switching schools because Greenville will most likely offer a choice a student wants.

Financial Aid

Not only are there a plethora of program options at Greenville Technical, but students have different outlets for financial aid. Greenville qualifies for federal financial aid in addition to federal work-study programs. These are two big opportunities that students can take advantage of to help minimize their schooling expenses. Not all colleges are able to offer these types of federal financial assistance, so having those options available are very beneficial. All students should consider both options when attending Greenville Technical.

Job Placement Services

Students at Greenville can attend a Quick Jobs Training where courses will provide hands-on experience, practicum opportunities, laboratory experience, internships, and more. They will also learn about local hiring connections and authorities to gain employment opportunities. Not only do students have this option available to them, but they can also visit the Career Services Office where they can access other ways to learn how to secure employment.

The Bad

  • Graduation Rate
  • Undisclosed Information
  • Loan Repayment Default Rate

Graduation Rate

Greenville Technical College's graduation rate fell at 10.1% for the 2014 year. No matter how you look at this number, it doesn't take much to know that 10% isn't a successful number. A lot of factors could lead to this poor rate, but no matter the reason we hope that Greenville has improved their rate since 2014. Other trade colleges highly succeed in their graduation rate which does not make Greenville look good no matter what awesome features and perks they have.

Loan Repayment Default Rate

A loan repayment default rate is the rate at which students and graduates default on their student loans. Consumers can come to a good conclusion about a trade college after looking at this rate. In 2011 Greenville's 3-year cohort rate landed at 17.6%. We commend Greenville for having publically available information on this because most trade schools don't address this. On the other hand, 18% is a little high in comparison to those schools who also publish this information. This could possibly mean that the school's cost of attendance might be more expensive than necessary, or that the college does a bad job in preparing graduates for employment.

Undisclosed Information

Although Greenville Technical doesn't have as many undisclosed information than other companies, it is still not good if they have missing information at all. Greenville had missing information regarding the tuition and job placement rates. The cost of attending a school is a big deal when looking at what college to attend. Costs could highly exceed what a student can afford even with financial assistance. Not knowing this information is can be a deal breaker for potential students. Also, job placement rates are good to know because it shows how well connected the school is to outside employment as well as how well the administration and staff take care of their students. Potential students can get a really good idea of the quality of school with this kind of information, and not having the information makes the decision of choosing a school more difficult than it needs to be.

The Bottom Line

Greenville Technical College still has a lot of progress to make when it comes to the quality of their school. We like that they're are open about the majority of their rates and statistics, but there are still some important missing details. The most concerning thing to us is their extremely low graduation rate which, alone, can say a lot about a college. However, we do like that there are several different specialties programs for students to choose. Overall, Greenville isn't the best trade college we've seen. The only thing that may be beneficial is if you live right next to a campus where you can easily access their resources.
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