1. Everest Colleges, Institutes, and Universities

Everest Colleges, Institutes, and Universities were initially founded in 2007 under the branch of Corinthian Colleges, Inc. Everest was initially comprised of a number of schools which all fell under the Everest brand name. However, in 2015, Corinthian was forced to shut down and filed for bankruptcy. That same year, Educational Credit Management Corporation assumed ownership of over half of the former Corinthian College institutions, which included Everest College campuses. Today, there are no longer Everest/Corinthian institutions in Canada, but the United States branches remain operational.

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The Good

  • Variety of programs
  • Federal aid and work study
  • Degree/location options

Variety of Programs

Those considering Everest will have a wide array of program options to choose from. Everest offers the following programs through their physical and online platforms: accounting, business, carpentry, computer tech, dental assistant, electrician, HVAC, message therapy, medical administrative assistant, medical assistant, medical insurance billing/coding, nursing, paralegal/legal assistant, pharmacy technician, plumbing technology, and surgical technologist. Program lengths will vary on specific degree/program requirements.

Federal Aid and Work Study

Students who need help financing their education will be able to take advantage of federal assistance programs. Depending on qualification requirements, students may be able to obtain federal financial grants. If these grants do not cover the full cost of tuition, students can then take out federal loans. Additionally, federal work study programs are available. These programs allow students to work in exchange for their education funding. This option is also only available to student who qualify.

Degree/Location Options

With Everest Colleges, Institutes, and Universities, students are able to take advantage of both physical and online platforms that offer varying levels of degrees. Regardless of how a student decides to attend school (whether it be online or through a physical campus), students have the ability to earn associate and bachelor's degrees. It is important to note that online programs are limited in what they offer. There are over twenty physical campuses spread across the entire country.

The Bad

  • Loan repayment default
  • No regional accreditation
  • Court cases

Loan Repayment Default

Despite student being able to qualify for federal aid, a number of students are still forced to take out a loan in order to finance their education through Everest. Typically, taking out a loan seems like a small price to pay for students who believe that their employment following graduation will allow them to pay back their debts. However, twenty-one percent of Everest students find themselves defaulting on these loan repayments for one reason or another. This is relatively high rate, especially for a for-profit school that claims to help their students secure employment upon program completion.

No Regional Accreditation

One of the major concerns students have when taking on distance learning for higher education is whether or not their degree will be recognized or "worth anything." While Everest Colleges, Institutes, and Universities are nationally accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS), a nationally recognized accrediting agency by the United States Department of Education, it is not regionally accredited in most states/areas where they operate a physical campus. Under the ACICS accreditation, Everest is able to award diplomas, associate, bachelor's and master's degrees.

Court Cases

When Corinthian Colleges started facing legal troubles, many students were worried about the impact it would have on their strength of degree. In 2016, Corinthian Colleges was forced to pay over $1.1 billion to the State of California after it was found that the institutions were guilty of defrauding thousands of students. The judge overseeing the case ordered restitution of $820 million on behalf of the students and $350 million in civil penalties. Over one thousand former Everest students were granted debt relief by the United States government due to the questionable business practices set forth by Everest.

The Bottom Line

Everest offers a number of programs for students to choose from that will help them immediate employment upon graduation. With flexible schedules and the ability to obtain financial aid, Everest Colleges, Institutes, and Universities helps students get an education that may have been unavailable to them previously. That being said, there are some concerns around the cost and subsequent charges brought up against the network of schools that can cause concern. Those who are interested in one of the Everest programs should consider all the facts prior to making a decision.

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