1. Advanced Technology Institute

Advanced Technology Institute has three different campuses in Virgina. Their main campus is in Virginia Beach, the Commerical Driving Campus is in Norfolk, and their Virgina Beach Campus is also in Virginia Beach.

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The Good

  • Cost of Attendance
  • Job Placement Rate

Cost of Attendance

One of the most crucial pieces of information when searching for schools to attend is the tuition. At Advanced Technology Institute the prices are heavily determined by the program you choose. For example, for students who are only to get a re-certification will only need to pay $2,180. Students who are interested in AOS Automotive/Diesel with Service Management will end up paying upwards of $45,680. However, ATI does offer plenty of opportunities to get financial help through federal aid and federal work-study programs.

Job Placement Rate

Advanced Technology Institute has a great job placement rate. The number we have is specifically for the Automotive Technology program, but we believe this gives people a good idea of the average for the rest of programs. Students who successfully find jobs are employed in their direct field of study within six months of their graduation. The data was collected by the graduates and all were verified by their employers. Not many other trade colleges score this well in their job placement rates, so much so that ATI ranks in the top 10 for the highest placement rates among our currently ranked trade colleges.

The Bad

  • Number of Programs
  • Graduation Rate
  • Missing Information

Number of Programs

Advanced Technology Institue has 11 different program options for students that attend their college:

  • Automative Technology with Service Management
  • Automative Technology
  • Automative/Diesel Technolgoy
  • Automative/Diesel Technolgoy with Service Management
  • Automative Technology with High Performance Engineering
  • Automative Technology with High Performance Engineering with Service Management
  • Heavy Vehicle Technolgoy with Serivce Management
  • Heavy Vehicle Technolgoy
  • HVAC Technolgoy with Service Management
  • HVAC/Refrigeration
  • Maritime Welding Technology with Service Management
  • Maritime Welding Technolgogy
  • Tractor-Trailer Driving

This number doesn't come very close to competing with bigger trade schools that sometimes will double the number of programs ATI has.

Graduation Rate

Advanced Technology's graduation rate is also based off of the Automotive Technology program. This specific program was designed to take one year and seven months to complete. Of the students that completed the Automotive Technology program in the 2014-2015 school year, 62% of them finished in those 19 months. However, the students who completed the program (without the 19-month restriction) is 83% which is a great rate. Even though 62% isn't a great number, we can't completely base our judgment of the whole school off of that number because it is solely only off of one program.

Missing Information

The major factor that separates the top-scoring trade schools from the lower ones is that the higher-ranked colleges do not have any missing criteria information. Any school that has information defaults to a zero score which can greatly affect the Overall Score. Advanced Technology Institute is one example of not disclosing all of their information. For example, we were not able to find information regarding job placement services and their loan repayment default rate. Both can have crucial pieces of information someone might need to make a decision of where they want to attend school and not finding it might lead to choosing a different college.

The Bottom Line

Advanced Technology Institute falls in a common place among other trade colleges. They offer all the basics but don't have consistently great things to outshine the faults. This is going to keep them out of the top-ranked colleges. Simple things like missing information is never good to run into even with great job placement rates. ATI has a while to go before we will be comfortable fully recommending them.

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