Why You Should Consider Attending a Trade College


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Written by Inna | Last Updated November 1st, 2019
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Trade colleges are different from the traditional four year universities many high school graduates attend. Trade college is a perfect place for individuals who are ready to learn job specific skills. Below are some of the benefits trade colleges offer.


On average, trade colleges are much less expensive than a traditional four year university. For example, an average bachelor’s degree program costs students $127,000. Vocational training from a trade school is only $33,000. Students who apply for various scholarships can finish their training with even less financial stress.

Hands-On Experience

Most traditional university programs focus heavily on theory-based, general education classes. Few university students have significant experience in their field when they are interviewing for a job. Trade schools, however, provide hands-on training that qualifies students to begin new careers upon graduation. Some of the hands-on programs that are available at trade schools are dental hygienist, automotive technician, electrician, database administrator, hairstylist, and much more.

Relative Courses

Traditional universities require at least 20 credits of general studies before students are eligible to take major-related classes. Fulfilling these credits may take up to a year and put graduation dates on hold. Trade colleges, however, only require courses that relate to your field of study. There is no time and money lost on taking classes you are not interested in.

Flexible Schedules

Trade colleges offer a variety of schedule options for students with full-time jobs and families. Trade schools usually allow you to attend night classes, take online courses, or attend mini-semesters to avoid the four-month long semester that traditional universities offer.

Job Prospects

Finding a job right after trade school might be easier than finding a job with your bachelor's degree. Because of specific vocational training, it's easier for trade schools to connect you with the employers who need your skills.

If you are applying to a trade college, you might find it difficult to choose the right fit for you. BestCompany.com is here to help you make the best decision. Based on the input of industry experts, we’ve developed ranking criteria that accounts for a trade college's price, contract time in business, and other important criteria. Most importantly, we’ve aggregated reviews about the trade colleges from real consumers. Click here to see our top-ranked trade colleges.

The Top Trade Colleges Companies

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