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In comparing this company to others, Ticket Liquidator does often sell tickets cheaper than their competitors. You have access to events all across the country as well. With a user friendly website, you will find everything you need online if you don’t want to spend the time on the phone with customer service.  

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The Good

  • Transparency
  • Great customer service

We really like that they are transparent with their fees; there is a flat rate service fee for tickets. Many websites have fluctuating service fees and that can often lead to fees upwards of 30 to 40%. With a set service fee of 25%, you can always calculate the exact cost of your tickets.

Working with this company is quite easy on mobile devices since you can download an Android app, or use their website which is mobile friendly.

Even though, like most companies, all ticket sales are final, they will allow customers to trade unwanted tickets for in-store credit that can be used for future purchases. This option gives you a bit of wiggle room.

We also like that they offer ticket insurance though the cost of that varies from ticket to ticket. To qualify for this insurance when you are unable to go to your event, it must be for an emergency only. Emergencies might consist of a car breaking down, a death in the family, or medical emergency.

They also only charge 10% commission on any ticket sales that you sell personally. It is free to list any tickets as well.

The customer service was excellent in our experience. You can easily e-mail customer support if you need, or you can access their live chat feature on their website. They are also connected to all of the popular social networks if you like to be tuned in that way as well.

The Bad

  • Service fees are high
  • Customers cannot sell tickets

Though they have lower ticket prices, their service fees, at 25%, may seem high compared to a few companies.

They also don't allow customers to sell tickets. This makes Ticket Liquidator a very one dimensional company. They claim to offer lower prices for tickets but so do other websites that don't have as many fees.

The Bottom Line

Overall, we like the many features that this company has compared to others. For instance, the flat rate service fee, the in-store credit program, as well as their extremely friendly customer service. We think this could be a good company to consider for your ticketing needs after quite a bit of research and a very educated decision. Make sure to read their terms and agreements, as well as making sure to validate your order before you purchase so that you are fully aware of what is happening when you buy tickets from this website. The more educated and careful you are, the higher the chance you'll have a good experience.

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