3 Ways to Display and Preserve Your Favorite Ticket Stubs

Anne-Marie Hays

Last Updated: August 19th, 2020

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You just got home from the best concert ever. You had the time of your life. Like an entry-level hoarder who cannot imagine throwing away a program from a fourth grade musical let alone a ticket stub from a favorite band’s reunion tour, you decide to keep your ticket stub. But now what? How can you display it in a way that’s meaningful? If this situation sounds familiar, we’ve found three great solutions:

Ticket Diary

You can simply tape your ticket stub to the diary page where you reminisce about trying to catch the lead guitarist’s concert pick and the length of the line at the ladies room. However, this might not be the best option for preserving your ticket.

A ready-made ticket diary or ticket stub organizer kit is a good alternative. These ready to purchase alternatives offer a plastic slot to keep your ticket dry and free of harmful adhesives that can cause discoloration through time. Check out all of the different page and pocket sizes available from That’s My Ticket, a company that specializes in solutions for displaying and saving sports and ticket memorabilia.

Commemorative Frame

For those lucky enough to attend a favorite team’s playoff game or the Super Bowl, preserving your ticket in a book might not be good enough. You may want to splurge on something a little more top-of-the-line. The NFL Shop sells framed ticket displays which include a 5 x 7 spot for a photo of you at the game, a specially sized holder for your ticket, and a Super Bowl logo for the proper year.

Throw Pillow

Share your artistic side by turning your memorable event ticket into an unforgettable and stylish conversation piece for your home. Forget the run-of-the-mill shadow box display. Try making your own custom throw pillow out of your favorite ticket stub or event program. Check out this blog post from A Beautiful Mess for instructions. With a few supplies, you can be reminded of your favorite David Bowie concert every time you relax on the sofa.

For more ideas, check out this perfectly-curated Pinterest board from the Bellco Theatre in Colorado: Ways to Display Concert Tickets

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