Tech To Us is headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut and was founded in 2010. Tech to Us provides industry-leading, fully U.S.-based, technical support services to home customers and small business clients. 

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The Good

  • Live Chat on Website
  • Multiple Device Coverage
  • Home Support and Business Support

Live Chat on Website

In order to answer questions effectively, Tech To Us features a live chat function on its website. This is particularly useful for customers with a specific question that can't be answered through the simple FAQ. The company claims that all of its techs are experienced, friendly, and professional with the goal of providing clients with quick and efficient solutions to all of their technical problems. 

Multiple Device Coverage

Tech To Us can provide support for your PC, Mac, printer, smartphone, WiFi, and many other devices. Some tech support companies only specialize in PC's or internet security issues, so it's great to see companies that are more well rounded.

Home Support and Business Support

Customers can purchase a home support plan from Tech To Us for a flat rate of $29.99/month (including a $100 setup fee) or $299.99/year. Both plans include:

  • Tech Support for Unlimited Devices & Issues
  • Fully U.S.-based
  • Expert Technicians
  • Unlimited PC Tune-Ups
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee on First Issue

For business support, customers must fill out an online information request form. A representative will then contact the potential customer. All remote technical business support includes:

  • Fully US-based support
  • Flat rate pricing
  • 1 hour response time during business hours

The Bad

  • Limited Money-Back Guarantee
  • No Free Trial

Limited Money-Back Guarantee

Tech To Us explains that there is a money-back guarantee if services aren't satisfactory, but only for the first incident. If the customer deals with an issue that isn't resolved efficiently after the first incident, the money-back guarantee does not apply and the customer is still responsible for the monthly bill. 

No Free Trial

Many tech support companies will offer a 30-day trial that will let customers try out their services. Unfortunately, Tech To Us doesn't offer a free trial.

The Bottom Line

Tech To Us is an entirely U.S. based tech support company that offers services for both home and business ventures. Customer satisfaction is high and their services cover a variety of devices. With that being said, Tech To Us doesn't offer or a free trial and you must sign up for a contract to have access to services. Customers that only want one-time fixes should look elsewhere, but customers wanting attentive services for the long haul will find Tech To Us appealing. 

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June 27th, 2019 Arcadia, CA DETAILS
Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer service
Company trustworthiness

I have been with Tech to Us for several years and signed up for its "Next in Line" Service and paid an extra fee to get ahead of the line. Most of the time, I called at 6 a.m. Pacific Time when it opens to make sure there is no line. When I call during hours with heavy call volume, the "Next in Line" Service DOES NOT WORK. Case in point: this evening I called at approximately at 5: 30 p.m. (Pacific Time) I waited on the phone for 25 minutes before a technician answered my call even though I paid an extra fee to be "Next in Line", which means if there is a line, my call would automatically be transported to the front of the line ahead of all other callers who did not subscribe to the "Next in Line" service. When the technician answered my call, he informed me that there was no line. My question is, if there is no line, why did I have to wait 25 minutes in order for my call to be answered? This was not the first incident. It had happened before. So what is the point of paying an additional fee to be the first in line when it makes no difference anyway.

Emily Sandstrom
September 20th, 2017 Challis, ID

I was switched to professional level, and advise people to go elsewhere instead. These guys don't listen, don't respond to what you say, and don't do what they say. I am 3 days without 2 computers because of how they installed a new cloud storage company of thier choice. They are not taking this crisis seriously. 'Wait 24 hours is the NEXT STEP says the tech on Day 2. Making Day 4 the next contact. Remember, this problem ON BOTH MY COMPUTERS is severe, rendering them inoperable, and entirely arose from their own doing. When I was solicited to become professional level, I was told there was a special phone number and better faster service for businesses. Ha-ha. It's slower. Also was told hours were extended for business level - and after I bought, that hours were instead shorter. I could go on but you get the picture. Could be that after you're a client for over a year, you're no longer special. Beats me.

Debra Jean Allegro
May 18th, 2017

I LOVE, LOVE all my guys at Tech To Us! Hi guys! They all are the most wonderful people I've ever spoken with. I've had to call them many, many times and they are geniuses. I don't know what I would do without them. Now I know that if anything, big or small, goes wrong with my laptop, printer, etc they are there for me and they are so kind and patient with me and never, ever make me feel like I'm stupid. Someday I'm going to go to CT and give you all a big, big hug. Everybody who is reading this, join Tech To Us. They are the most wonderful. brilliant guys in the world.

Michael R Iezzi
January 16th, 2017 Winter Garden, FL

I have been doing business with TECH TO US for two years and found their customer service and expertise to be excellent. In the past, I have had terrible experiences with technical support companies that provided poor service or they went out of business while I was still under contract. After hearing about TECH TO US being praised by the host of a national TV morning show, I immediately called for service. The outcome was what I hoped for, prompt service and effective results.

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