My Phone Support is staffed with expert technicians who have excellent technical qualifications and an extensive knowledge of Windows systems and a minimum of two levels of certification. The team also includes highly trained specialists with Microsoft, CISCO, Oracle and Novell, as well as Apple certifications such as A+, MCP, CCNA, MCSE, CCNP, Net+, Red Hat, Linux and Mac OS expertise. My Phone Support also offers several solutions for fixing your tech issues. The company offer a one-time fix for $79.95 or a $249.95 per year unlimited option with no setup fee. Although there may be some instances where an extra fee could be assessed such as for an on-site visit, etc.

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The Good

  • PC and Mac devices covered
  • Multiple services offered
  • Wide variety of service options
  • Money-back guarantee

PC and Mac Devices Covered

My Phone Support has the expertise for just about any device you need tech support for: PCs, Macs, mobile devices, and the company doesn't a limit on the number of devices it can support on a single subscription.

Multiple Services Offered

My Phone Support provides the benefit of multiple service options: diagnostics, virus and malware removal, software installation, and data security services-regardless of whether you are an individual or a business owner. The company also provides third-party services for software, phones, printers, gaming consoles, scanner, digital cameras, and more.

Wide Variety of Service Options

My Phone Support offers three service options: by phone, remotely by using a secure internet connection, and they also offer an on-site option as well. The company claims to be able to resolve 99% of all tech issues remotely. And services are available 24/7 worldwide, so no matter when you call, someone can assist you.

Money-Back Guarantee

Fortunately, My Phone Support does offer a money back guarantee; however, specific details regarding this policy-exclusions, etc.-are nowhere to be found on the company website. Having a money-back guarantee is important, especially for companies like My Phone Support that don't offer a free trial of any kind, or charge expensive yearly rates ($249.95). You wouldn't want to have paid that kind of money for a service you weren't happy with.

The Bad

  • No customization options
  • No data recovery option
  • Limited service plans

No Customization Options

Unlike many of its competitors, My Phone Support doesn't offer any type of customization services; however, they have two payment options that pretty much cover anything. If you only need a one-time fix, this company offers that. The company also caters to customer who have an ongoing services for issues that could arise throughout the year.

No Data Recovery Option

Unfortunately, My Phone Support doesn't offer a data recovery option. This is something we would like to see added to the company's existing suite of services. Data recovery services are becoming increasingly important in the industry, both for individual customers who just want to preserve their family photos, as well as for businesses whose success depends on having their data securely in place.

Limited Service Plans

Most tech support companies offer either customized plans or at least a variety of plans from which their customers can choose; however, My Phone Support does not. With this company, you are limited to two options. A one-time fix or a yearly option. The yearly option requires you to pay the full $249.95 upfront, then after that first year you have the option of being billed $18.95 per month until you decide to cancel.

The Bottom Line

My Phone Support has quite a few certifications and offers a wide variety of services. The money-back guarantee adds definite value, but customers will need to do some independent investigation to determine what exclusions (if any) apply. We would like to see My Phone Support add a data recovery option to its line of available services, as this is becoming a must-have service for top tech support companies. Additionally, we'd like to see more flexible service options from My Phone Support. That being said, we can recommend My Phone Support to anyone with basic tech support needs.

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October 3rd, 2017

Each of my issues wee address and errors were corrected. It was all done in a very timely manner.


Sandra D.

October 3rd, 2017 Laurelton, NJ

Contacted customer support after having issues with my computer again. It was freezing up. Rep was very helpful. We established a remote session and he took care of the problem. Once again I am very satisfied with the service received.


Randal Harris

October 3rd, 2017 Lawrenceville, GA

Excellent service in getting adware and malware removed from computer. Great Customer service by initial person I spoke with as well as technician.


Feather Russell

September 14th, 2017 Silver City, NM

When l got off the phone with the My Phone Support Tech. my system was worse than before l made the call