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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
HelpGM has built a network of experienced tech support people from around the world. The company employs a payment structure that is very unique to the tech support industry-a one-time fee via Paypal. This one-time fee covers as much time as you need to resolve the problem. And, if HelpGM cannot fix the problem, the company will refund your money within seven days. Unfortunately, HelpGM currently only provides tech support for email-related issues involving Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo! Mail.

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The Good

  • Crowdsourcing
  • One-time fee
  • Multiple communication options
  • Three service options available


HelpGM has established a wide network of tech support experts to achieve high success rates for its services. Each problem is submitted to this network until the best solution has been discovered. The company's widespread diversity increases the likelihood of your computer issue being resolved.

One-Time Fee

HelpGM only charges you a one-time fee for services, no matter how long it takes to resolve your issue. Customers will not need to pay for a membership play or pay any hidden or extra fees. And in the event that the company's network of experts cannot fix the problem, HelpGM will refund your money within seven days.

Multiple Communication Options

You can contact HelpGM to help you resolve your issues using Skype or email for a fast, easy, hassle-free experience. Every conversation is documented and notated, so you can refer back to what took place step-by-step should the need arise.

Three Service Options Available

HelpGM only offers three specific service options: Gmail,, and Yahoo! Mail. You simply fill out the contact form, describe the problem and the company will send you back a quote within 24 hours for what services it can offer you.
  • Gmail: The HelpGM team can help you with any Gmail issue you might experience from access to education and more.
  • (previously known as Hotmail): Again, the HelpGM team can help you with anything that has to do with Outlook issues.
  • Yahoo! Mail: Just like Gmail and Outlook, the HelpGM experts are well-versed in troubleshooting this product, and if they can't help you, they will refund your money within seven days.

The Bad

  • Limited service options
  • No live chat feature
  • Pricing not disclosed

Limited Service Options

Unfortunately, HelpGM only offers three types of service options, all having primarily to do with email services. This is disappointing for some as their service is unique and people with other issues could genuinely benefit from this type of tech support service provider. Many of the tech support service providers in this industry don't offer a pay-as-you-go service fee and they certainly don't offer an unlimited time benefit; however, the good news is HelpGM's plans to expand the variety of it services in the near future.

No Live Chat Feature

This company's only form of contact is through Skype and email. They don't offer a live chat feature. Having a live chat feature would allow people to contact them immediately to ask a quick question, etc. without having to wait for a contact form submission response.

Pricing Not Disclosed

HelpGM doesn't disclose any pricing on the website. We understand that this could be difficult given the nature of the company's custom-quote payment structure, and how its fees are directly related to specific problems and issues; however, it would be nice if the company would post some pricing examples, or at least a starting rate so potential customers could decide whether or not they should take the time to reach out.

The Bottom Line

It seems HelpGM has a unique value proposition for delivering tech support help to those who don't have an ongoing need for such services and therefore don't want to pay a monthly fee for something they won't use; however, HelpGM's services are very limited, and can only assist with email-related issues at this point. We are eager to see the company expand its offering to include other tech support services. Until then, we can only recommend this company for those needing minor assistance troubleshooting their email services.
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