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LAST UPDATED: February 18th, 2021
Computer 360 was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Tempe, Arizona. The company consists of a team of just over 20 people.

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The Good

  • In store dropoff services
  • Nationwide phone assistance
  • Support for PCs, Macs, and mobile devices

In Store Dropoff Services

Customers having issues with their computer, tablet, or smartphone have the ability to drop off their device and pick it up when it's been repaired. Computer 360 can even order parts for you if it's necessary to make proper repairs.

Nationwide Phone Assistance

Although Computer 360 can only serve residents in the Phoenix, Arizona area face-to-face, they are more than willing to help customers nationwide with over-the-phone services. However, their services aren't available 24 hours per day.

Support for PCs, Macs, and Mobile Devices

While nearly every tech support company provides specialized support for PC/Windows devices, there are fewer that support both PC and Mac computers-and even fewer that also provide support for mobile device issues. This is a major plus!

The Bad

  • In store dropoffs for Phoenix residents
  • No 24-hour support
  • Caters to personal tech problems

In Store Dropoffs for Phoenix Residents

Since Computer 360 is headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, and its team is so small, that is the only area you can expect to get face-to-face service.

No 24-hour Support

Computer 360 support hours are as follows:
  • Monday-Friday: 7am-9pm
  • Saturday: 9am-3pm
  • Sunday: Closed
Although business hours are long during the week, customers that have urgent computer problems Saturday evening or Sunday are going to be out of luck with Computer 360.

Caters to Personal Tech Problems

What we mean by this is that Computer 360 focuses more on computer repairs at the consumer level. Computer 360 would be a little outgunned to handle tech support for full businesses and corporations because their team is so small.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Computer 360 appears to be a very legitimate company with a strong emphasis on customer service. However, customers outside of the Phoenix, Arizona area aren't going to be able to take full advantage of Computer 360's services. For those in that region, we definitely recommend taking a look at Computer 360.
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9 Reviews

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I have been with Computer 360 for several years. They do a good job, and always get the job done well. Most of their technicians have a degree from college. Once I got a trojan and it destroyed the connections in my computer. Their Teck who had a maters degree reconnected all of the lost connections. They have added for free many applications, and putt multiple icons on my computer for easy access. They are always eager to please, friendly, and will write up steps to follow to get certain things done on your computer. They installed software that copies a disk with ease. They have installed and uninstalled programs for me. Just ask whatever you want and they will teach you writing up instructions if you want on your note pad with step by step instructions. They also guide you in a purchase of good software. They do offer a free virus protection, but I prefer Malware for which they installed, and I paid for. I like Malware because it warns you of fraudulent websites along with anything else that is bad that may be on that website. This can include pulp, and viruses and many other things. I highly recommend Computer 360 in India. They charge minimal fee, I paid two hundred and fifty dollars for 3 years service. This was a renewal after my initial 3 years. I did get an email claiming that they were Computer 360 twice asking for 499.00 dollars for a year of service. I called Compute 360 and they told me it was a scam. I thing this is where the bad information is coming form.

2 years ago

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Eddie Rios Ogden, UT

Computer360 is a comprehensive tech giant. They understand computer issues and can resolve most issues quickly. They can access your system through the web and can provide support for your home systems. They are invaluable, quick, and credible experts in the field of computing.

2 years ago

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Betty Mannan Byers, CO

I signed a contract in 2018 and all went well the first year or so. When I called they would fix the problem right then. I was elated. Then before my contract was up I started getting calls with the same statement that they needed to fix a major problem on my computer. When I asked what was the problem the gentleman said it was malicious use of my computer and wanted me to just go to my computer and he would fix it. I put him off but then he called back so I let him fix ??? the problem whatever it was. He said that would cost me $299.99. Okay but then he said I needed additional work on my computer that I did not understand. He said it would only cost $99.99. I said no I cannot afford that. I am on social security and it was a stretch just for the $299.99. I told him when my next payday would be and to call me then and I might be able to afford it. Well guess what another $99.99 was taken out of my checking account. When I checked to have the bank take care of it it said the company was not legitimate. Then the next month I received a call for the same thing from the same person. I told him what he did and that I was very upset and he just ignored me and said just go to your computer so I can fix the problems he found on my computer. I told him no that I did not want him to do anything more. I get calls from him all the time. Most of the time I do not answer. i have told him several times to leave my computer alone. Today he called my cell phone 5 times, my house phone several times and my husbands cell phone. My husband finally answered one of the calls and told him I was not at home. Would you please just have them leave me alone. I cannot afford them and I do not want all these calls. To say the least he is starting to harass me and I do not like it at all.

1 year ago

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Zapphire McGinty Beverly Hills, CA

SCAM! My mother fell for this when she got one of those "scam" pop-ups from "GHelp" telling her they saw a virus and offering to help her with her login issues as she was having trouble logging into one of her service accounts to make a monthly payment. They had her download apps that allowed them to take over her tablet (TeamViewer and similar addons) and when they were done, didn't remove the apps, allowing them to remote in again if they ever decided to do so (for legit or nefarious purposes - either option available to them). After helping her recover her account, they hoodwinked her into paying almost $150 for the service (60 minutes tops, recovering an online service account!) Fortunately her credit card company immediately flagged the transaction as fraud, scaring her enough to reach out to me. Cleaning this up was a mess and the stress this scam put her through was too much. AVOID! SCAM!

3 years ago

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Patsy Little Las Vegas, NV

I was hoodwinked into using this company. I thought by their ad on the net that they were from Gmail so I clicked on it and 6 hours later after all I wanted was to fix my yahoo mail and open a gamail account I owed them $292.00 for a 2 year contract. They told me it was for Microsoft/Windows. After taking about an hour I finally got to a technician who worked in my computer for 4 hours straight with the phone at my ear.. When he said he was done, he could not get my yahoo account back nor do the gmail I requested. They lied to me about the $292.00 payment when I asked him the direct question, he admitted it was for them and not microsoft/windows protection. I finally got off the phone with him and could not open my bank account. Off the phone again, and I lost a couple of things in my task bar such as my caplock and numberlock icons. I have never been so stressed out as I have been with these guys. I would never recommend them to anyone ever! I did not know who they were as I had dealings before years ago and hated it. If I had known who they were I would have hung up the phone right away. I had blocked their number as they called frequently to get clients. Now I have to call them again as my icons in my task bar disappeared again.

4 years ago

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PW Oakland, CA

SCAM!!!!! They charged my 95 year old mother 399.00 credit card. Said they cleaned up her old computer which is only worth 100.00 when I talked to the Eric D he wants to only give her refund of 300.00 says they giving her a break by charging her 99.00 which is absurd!!!! DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY THEY SAID THEY WERE REFERRED BY ATT I DO NOT BELIEVE THIS......... They take advantage of the elderly. Disputing all charges

2 years ago

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Laura H Quinton, AL

Do not use them it's a SCAM! They tried to convince us we needed to pay over $300 to fix our printer problem. No thanks. I eventually fixed it myself and it only cost me $2.99!

3 years ago

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Anthony Dzierzanowski San Antonio, TX

Its a scam do not trust them they tried to charge us many time by saying different problem which we are not aware .so do not trust this company scam..

3 years ago

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M Pittsburgh, PA

AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE. I would give zero stars if I could. STAY AWAY. They are scammers that break your computer and overcharge.

3 years ago