Top 5 Tech Support Companies—November 2016


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Written by: Guest | Best Company Editorial Team

Last Updated: October 25th, 2019

How We Evaluate Tech Support Companies
We examine, review, and rank tech support companies on a variety of carefully selected criteria points. Obviously, price plays a big role in a company's overall rank: how much a company charges per month, per year, per visit or one-time fix, etc. We also look the number of support services a company offers, including diagnostic tests, virus and malware removal, data recovery, and other hardware or software assistance. Customer service quality, and additional features like a free trial, is also crucial to a company's success.

Each tech support company undergoes a rigorous review process using these and other industry standards. Companies that consistently excel across these different categories-offering full tech support for less money, a full array of support services, and excellent customer support-tend to receive high marks and top spots. for more on what goes into our ranking criteria and review process, visit our How We Rank page by clicking here. After extensive industry research, we've determined the following five companies to be standouts in tech support:

#1 Geek Squad

Geek Squad is a tech support service in affiliation with consumer electronics giant Best Buy. The company offers tech support services in all Best Buy locations, over the phone, through remote access via the Internet, and on-site in customers' homes. Originally, Geek Squad only provided support for computers, but has since expanded its services to include all consumer electronics one could purchase at Best Buy, including appliances, televisions, cell phones, cameras and more.

What We Like about Geek Squad

Something we especially like about Geek Squad is its low monthly price. Customers only need to pay $9.99 per month for Geek Squad's standard tech support services. These include virus removal, data recovery, premium internet security software, and 24/7 support. Very few tech support companies offer data recovery as advanced as Geek Squad's, which can recover corrupted or overwritten files, or files from a damaged or failed hard drive.

#2 Bask

Formerly iTOK, Bask is a remote technology support service founded in 2004, and provides all-in-one support to customers needing help with their computer, tablet, or smartphone hardware or software. The company offers four tiered plans that range from $9.99 to $34.99 in price per month. All plans come with virus and malware protection, as well as data backup. The site itself provides plenty of educational resources and purchase recommendations to help consumers make better decisions.

What We Like about Bask

We like that Bask provides regular 90-day tuneups on its Gold, Diamond, and Platinum plans. Each tuneup includes a total device scan for viruses, malware, or any unnecessary files or processes that slow down your device. Platinum membership ($34.99) comes with 24/7 unlimited customer support, identity protection, data backups, as well as free computer fixes. We also appreciate Bask's versatility is providing services to both individuals as well as small businesses.

#3 Computer360

Computer360 provides a simple three-step process for customers struggling with their desktop or mobile device. First, the technician will connect to your device remotely; second the technician will diagnose the problem (for free); and third, the technician will repair the issue-also remotely. Customers in the Phoenix, AZ area can also bring their devices directly to Computer360's Tempe location for more hands-on problems. Computer360 works fast, often resolving issues within 24 hours.

What We Like about Computer360

Although Computer360 is a small company with only a handful of employees, we appreciate the level of professionalism it brings to its tech support and customer service. According to the website, customers laud the speed with which Computer360 technicians can identify and resolve computer issues. Technicians are also adept and finding problems some other tech support services can miss. Most of all, we like Computer360's desire to educate consumers on safe computer use and best practices that help them avoid problems in the future.

#4 Comodo GeekBuddy

Owned by Comodo Group, GeekBuddy specializes in Internet security and antivirus development. Additionally, GeekBuddy and setup email accounts, printers, and other external devices that connect to your computer. Remote GeekBuddy customers can simply click on the GeekBuddy icon on their desktop to chat directly with a technician, and watch the repair process from their own screen.

What We Like about Comodo GeekBuddy

At $69.99, GeekBuddy offers one of the least expensive rates for one-time fixes in the industry. Some other companies charge twice as much for the same services. GeekBuddy offers a free consultation with its services, and is one of the only companies in the tech support industry to offer a free download of its software-a truly unique value proposition. And while most tech support companies only cover between one and three devices, GeekBuddy has multiyear options that can cover up to five separate devices.

#5 HelloTech

Based in Los Angeles, HelloTech provides nationwide tech support services to a wide range of devices besides computers: TV and home theatre, gaming consoles, HelloTech will even help you mount your flatscreen television. The company also provides tech support for businesses of any size. For customers who are unsatisfied with HelloTechs services, the company offers a money-back guarantee.

What We Like about HelloTech

We like HelloTech's ability to cater tech support services to a variety of customers. Whether you're an individual needing help with your smartphone, or a large corporation with over 100 desktop computers at your facility, HelloTech appears to be fully equipped to provide full tech support services. The money-back guarantee also offers some unique value and demonstrates HelloTech's confidence in its technicians and services.

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The Future of the Tech Support Industry

It should come as no surprise that with more advances in technology comes an increasing number of diverse tech problems, and consequently the demand for qualified tech support companies. An increasing number of everyday devices contain computers or software of some kind, and most tech support companies are already expanding their areas of expertise to include things like wearable technology, video gaming consoles, and smart devices or appliances. Companies that continue to service only PCs would do well to broaden their horizons if they hope to keep up with these rapid technological advancements.

Companies may also want to plug into the HDI community. HDI is the premier membership association and certification body of the technical support industry, and HDI members become part of a nationwide community of tech experts dedicated to better customer service. takes organizations like HDI seriously, because of their focus on improving and enforcing industry standards. As the tech support industry continues to evolve with advancing computer technology, will be at-the-ready to provide the latest news on top companies and industry standards.

The Top Tech Support Companies

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#1 My Phone Support chevron_right
8.5 Overall Score
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#2 Tech to Us chevron_right
6.3 Overall Score
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#3 OneSupport chevron_right
6.0 Overall Score