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    What Happens If You Don’t File Your Taxes and What You Should Do If You Are Late
    Guest Post by Michael Law Most people understand that filing their personal tax returns by April 15 is non-negotiable. However, according to the IRS, each year around 7 million taxpayers do not file their taxes. There are spe...
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    The Ultimate Guide to Setting Withholdings
    Many taxpayers look forward to tax season because of tax returns. While getting a large sum of money all at once is exciting, it also means that you overpaid your taxes. On the other hand, getting a nice check from the govern...
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    20 Gifs That Perfectly Describe How We All Feel During Tax Season
    1. Figuring out how to use online tax preparation software via GIPHY 2. Beefing up your tax code knowledge via GIPHY 3. Realizing that the tax code has really changed via GIPHY 4. Deciding to hire an accountant to do your t...
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    What Taxpayers Should Know About Tax Extensions
    Tax Day (April 15th) is fast approaching. If you’re a procrastinator, don’t have all of your documents ready, or won’t have time to file your taxes by the deadline, a tax extension can give you more time to ...
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    The Most Useful Tax Tools of 2018
    (This article is 1 of 15 chapters in The Definitive Guide to IRS Debt Forgiveness. Return to the guide to get the full explanation of IRS Debt Forgiveness.) Tax Day is like an annoying cousin. Most of the year, you ...
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    How to File Your Tax Return for Free
    Filing your own tax return is easier than ever. Follow these five simple steps to avoid scams, overpayment, and potential audits. 1. Choose your tax software wisely The drastic increase in email schemes, 400 percent in 2016, ...

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