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    Separating Tax Resolution Facts from Fiction
    If you're facing an IRS or state tax issue, it may be in your best interest to seek assistance from a licensed tax professional. Such an individual may work privately, or be part of a company or network. When you have a tax ...
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    [Infographic] Tax Relief Stats
    (This article is 1 of 15 chapters in The Definitive Guide to IRS Debt Forgiveness. Return to the guide to get the full explanation of IRS Debt Forgiveness.) When you owe a friend money, he can hold a grudge, take yo...
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    Beware the IRS Bank Levy
    (This article is 1 of 15 chapters in The Definitive Guide to IRS Debt Forgiveness. Return to the guide to get the full explanation of IRS Debt Forgiveness.) It's understandable to be concerned if you receive an ass...
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    You Can Gamble on Anything Except Your Taxes
    Some people make a very good living as professional gamblers. Some just like the occasional trip to Vegas. But whether you consider yourself a novice or a pro, there are some financial consequences to winning even a little. ...
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    Forgiven Debt and the Surprise Tax Bill
    Chances are, you don't set out to intentionally default on your mortgage or credit card. When it does happen, dealing with collectors and a damaged credit score can be stressful and embarrassing. In some instances, though, y...
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    Doing Time for an IRS Infraction
    There's an excellent chance that you know the basics of right and wrong when it comes to your taxes. What you might not be as familiar with is what misadventures can lead to more than just IRS penalties and interest. Some ta...
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    The Taxable Underbelly of Criminal Activity
    Obviously, any crime you might perpetrate entails a certain degree of risk. Hopefully, you'll never consider crossing over any legal boundaries. If you do, though, don't forget about the taxable consequences that could accomp...
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    Tax Questions You May Be Too Afraid to Ask
    It's not uncommon to keep some questions to yourself, even important ones. Whether you're attempting to avoid certain topics or uneasy about hearing grim answers, you may choose to put off asking until it's too late. When it ...
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    Your Tax Debt Might Trump a Court Judgement
    Generally speaking, you would expect that any decision handed down as part of a legal judgment or settlement applies to everything on paper. After all, receiving defined parameters regarding your responsibilities following a...
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    Some Tax Myths Never Die
    When we were children, we believed a number of tall tales and myths which eventually proved to be ridiculous and untrue. The concept of magical realism is not lost on us entirely, though, simply because we grow up. In fact, s...

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