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    Are You Missing a Tax Refund?
    Guest Post by Kristen Baker Every year, roughly one million Americans have unclaimed tax refunds from the IRS that are due to expire. In four of the last five years, these unclaimed returns have totaled more than $1 billion. ...
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    How to Reduce Your Tax Refund (and Why You Should)
    Are you looking forward to a big tax refund this year?   According to a recent survey by FinanceBuzz, the ideal situation for 79 percent of American taxpayers is receiving a tax refund, rather than owing money to the go...
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    How to Get Rolling on Tax Planning for 2020
    Guest Post by Lee Reams As the end of 2019 approaches, it also means that the 2020 tax season is imminent. If your tax situation is pretty simple — for example, you don't take any deductions and your income only comes f...
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    5 Tips for Paying Taxes When You're Self-Employed
    Being your own boss and calling the shots makes self-employment very appealing. However, self-employment also comes with additional responsibilities, like being fully responsible for your taxes.  Before you start your se...
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    7 Experts on Retirement Planning and Taxes
    There is a lot to consider when planning for retirement. To take full advantage of investing, it’s a good idea to start early. It’s also important to think about inflation and that health care expenses will likely...
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    The Ultimate Guide to Retirement Taxes
    Retirement is the dream. It’s about being financially independent, finishing work, and having more free time to spend with friends and family. Unfortunately, taxes don’t go away. “Many recent retirees are su...
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    The Ultimate Guide to Setting Withholdings
    Many taxpayers look forward to tax season because of tax returns. While getting a large sum of money all at once is exciting, it also means that you overpaid your taxes. On the other hand, getting a nice check from the govern...
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    How to Impress Your Boss, Earn a Promotion, and Make More Money
    Debt, taxes, and everyday expenses can obliterate your paycheck. As you get older, you accumulate medical expenses, possible tax debt, and other unforeseen debts. You have kids and, though they do bring you joy, they also bri...
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