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    What Experts Say About Getting a Loan to Pay Taxes
    It’s tax preparation season: tax returns for 2019 are due on April 15. You might receive a refund after filing, but it’s also possible you’ll owe more taxes. But what happens if you can’t afford to pa...
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    How to Contact the IRS and Effectively Manage IRS Problems
    You’ve gotten a letter from the IRS regarding your taxes. You owe money. Problems with the IRS can lead to further financial consequences, which you’ll want to avoid. Take your next step in a timely manner, wheth...
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    Tax Help for Seniors Guide: Tax Prep and Tax Relief
    Taxes are a part of life, no matter how old you are. If you’re receiving income, you’ll be paying taxes. Many seniors are retired and living on their savings and Social Security. While you’ll still pay taxe...
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    How to Keep the IRS from Freezing Your Accounts
    Guest Post by Zaneta Wood Sometimes life gives you lemons. We all have a story about that one (or two or three) times we owed federal or state taxes and just didn’t have feasible access to the funds. Here’s the t...
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    IRS Debt Penalty Forgiveness in 2020: What Happens When You Ignore Tax Debt?
    This article has been updated for 2020. You owe the IRS money and can't pay off your tax penalties. So what happens now? If you can't resolve your IRS tax debt, you can either ignore the debt completely (not recommended)...
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    The Definitive Guide to IRS Debt Forgiveness
    IRS Debt Forgiveness IRS debt forgiveness is the IRS's way of helping those who cannot afford to pay their back taxes in full. The IRS wants the money you owe, but it will not take your money if doing so will leave you desti...
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    That Suspicious Letter from the IRS and Why You Should Open It
    This is the third installment of the short "Intro to Tax Relief" series, presented by Tax Defense Network. You can learn more about them by reading their full review. There are few things more disquieting than opening y...
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    5 Signs You Need Tax Help
    Most of the time, handling your taxes is pretty straightforward. Every now and then, though, you may run into a problem with the state or IRS that requires extra attention. How do you know if your issue is something you can ...
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    Resolve Your Tax Debt Today: Why You Shouldn't Put It Off
    Benjamin Franklin once said, "In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." While Ben's general observation has proven accurate through the passage of time, the fine print on that statement is no...
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    How to Beat a Wage Garnishment
    (This article is 1 of 15 chapters in The Definitive Guide to IRS Debt Forgiveness. Return to the guide to get the full explanation of IRS Debt Forgiveness.) Unread IRS notices, neglecting requests for action, and t...

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