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LAST UPDATED: January 31st, 2024

ezTaxReturn started business in 2000 and is one of the most premiere online tax services in the industry. Their product is simple, intuitive, and very easy to use.

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The Good

  • Supported Tax Forms
  • Active Social Accounts
  • Fast Filing
  • Storage Capabilities
  • Customer Support

With ezTaxReturn, customers do all of their taxes online through the cloud-based system that stores taxes for up to three years. Not only that but the average preparation time for a state and federal return can be completed within 30 minutes. ezTaxReturn also offers a 100% accuracy guarantee as well as audit support. The company has a TRUSTe-certified seal on their website and features bank level encryption.

Supported Tax Forms

ezTaxReturn makes it easy to support most tax situations. Here of some of their forms:

  • All of the 1040s Forms.
  • Education Expense forms.
  • Child and Dependent Care expense forms.
  • Retirement forms.
  • Self-employment tax schedules.
  • Schedules A, B, and C.

There are limitations to some of the forms and schedules that they provide. For example, with the employee reimbursement form, if customers want to use the "actual costs" method to compute vehicle expenses, then they are going to have to use a different tax prep provider since they only support the standard mileage rate. As a rule of thumb, only assume that the "standard" means of deduction are going to work on ezTaxReturn if you want to use this platform.

Active Social Accounts

ezTaxReturn updates their Facebook, blog, and Twitter on a regular basis. With some of the other tax prep services out there, there are "stale" social media accounts. With ezTaxReturn, there are a bunch of rich social media and blog information out there ranging from tax tips to tax deadlines for the upcoming year. ezTaxReturn is a transparent company. They state that they are TRUSTe-certified and Norton Secured. We also found out that they:

  • Do ongoing security reviews.
  • Have some of the safest and secure data centers around.
  • Do daily vulnerability scanning.
  • Also have the best, in terms of SSL certificates.

Fast Filing

With ezTaxReturn, it is very easy to do everything within 30 minutes so that customers know if they have to pay or if they get a refund.

Storage Capabilities

Another thing that really stood out was the ability to "hold onto your records." If customers need a tax return from a few years ago, they don't have to pay to get that tax return sent. Here are their storage capabilities:

  • Secure storage and downloads of all forms for a very long period of time.
  • Download forms after three years for a fee.
  • First-class mailing of forms for a fee.
  • Overnight mailing of forms for a fee.

There are also multiple ways to get a refund:

  • Direct deposit to a checking or savings account
  • Direct deposit to a new or existing prepaid (debit) card
  • Get refund checks at a location near you (not always available).

Customer Support

  • Phone: (516) 626-7666
  • Address: 100 Ring Road West, Suite 214, Garden City, NY 11530

The Bad

  • Federal Price
  • Missing Form Options
  • Confusing Accuracy Guarantee

Federal Price

  • Federal Tax Return - This product includes three years of secure storage and three years of unlimited downloads. Customers also like that the plan comes with no-wait-on-hold phone support and an identity theft package. People can refile for rejections unlimitedly. This product costs $29.95
  • State Tax Return - This product also includes three years of secure storage and three years of unlimited downloads. Customers also like that the plan comes with no-wait-on-hold phone support and an identity theft package. People can re-file for rejections unlimitedly. This product costs $19.95
  • Federal + State Tax Return - This product costs $39.95 and has all of the same benefits as the Federal Tax Return Plan, plus the ability to file state returns as well.

Missing Form Options

There are a lot of different things that their forms do not support. As mentioned above, one example is the employee reimbursement form. If a customer tries to calculate their self-employment, ezTaxReturn only supports Part I of the self-employment schedule. They cannot use Part II if they are trying to figure out the net earnings with an alternative method. Customers might want to start the process and see if their "limitations" are going to work for their tax situation.

Confusing Accuracy Guarantee

ezTaxReturn does not provide a clear accuracy guarantee on their website, however, they do have a general guarantee. ezTaxReturn aims to provide customers with the highest tax refund possible and will reimburse the price one paid for their services if one finds a higher refund with another company. Not only that, but the company does not require a commitment to pay if a customer is not completely satisfied.


The Bottom Line

The main negative thing that about ezTaxReturn was the inability to do taxes if you wanted to take out certain types of deductions like only doing the "standard mileage" if you used your own vehicle for work. If you are going to use ezTaxReturn, we encourage you to "play around" with the forms a bit to make sure that they support your tax-filing situation. Also, with no options for free filing, it might be better to go with another tax preparing company.

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Sarah Bartholomew Orleans, MA

Super frustrating to try and get a response from these people. They want you to go to FAQ's or their customer base first. They answer email questions here and there, not every time. This year they toute that they have phone support but....wait for it....you cannot get to a live person. They want you to leave your number and they will call you back. Their pricing is smoke and mirrors. A claim of 'free' tax return quickly morphs into $39.99. Last year I will use them. Aggravating.

5 years ago

star star star star_border star_border

Marilyn Greer Saint George, UT

There were categories I needed that weren't listed. I found it difficult to navigate.

5 years ago