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Written by Guest | Last Updated February 24th, 2020
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We've started quite the conversation about H&R Block on Facebook. About a week ago we posted a status update on the TBC Facebook page asking consumers who have worked with H&R Block in the past, whether or not they had a good experience. To be honest we were expecting just a handful of responses. So you can imagine how shocked we were when 63 responses came in within just a couple of days.

Like with most major brands, H&R Block received a variety of responses covering both negative and positive experiences. Here's the stream of reviews that came in from Facebook:



You can read our expert review of H&R Block here.

The Top Tax Prep Companies

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#1 TurboTax chevron_right
9.1 Overall Score
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#2 H&R Block chevron_right
8.0 Overall Score
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#3 E-File chevron_right
7.4 Overall Score

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