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    40 Statistics Proving the U.S. Student Debt Crisis Is Solvable
    Americans disagree on a lot of things, and what to do about student debt is yet another source of partisan conflict. Researchers have extensively covered the deleterious effects of student debt on the economy, the culture, a...
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    Student Debt Impacts Parents, Too
    Parents all over the United States are giving up savings, retirement, and even mental and emotional health to pay for college — Robyn Flint has one of these stories. Like many other parents, she pursued her own degree....
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    5 Simple Facts About Student Debt [INFOGRAPHIC]
    At $1.2 trillion, student debt has surpassed credit card debt and car loans, and is nearly eclipsing mortgage debt as the leading cause of debt in America. As a result, college students are not completing their pos...
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    Geographical Mapping Illustrates U.S. Regions with Highest Student Debt
    Student debt has taken center stage in the 2016 Presidential campaign and with $1.2 trillion and rising, it's no wonder college students across America have been on a plight to voice their concerns to the tune of protests and...
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