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    Expert Advice on Your College Payment Plan
    For the month of May, Best Company Finance (@BestCoFinance) has been posting tips and tricks on avoiding, leveraging, and managing student debt on our Twitter account, including advice for the FAFSA, scholarships, private loa...
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    Strategies to Help You Pay Your Student Debt Off Quickly
    While moving out into the workforce can be an exciting thing, any remaining student loan debt can definitely hasten the joy of finally finishing school. If you're interested in getting the weight of a student loan off your sh...
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    The Top 4 Student Debt Bloggers for 2018
    Debt stories usually start with bad decisions. Maybe you made a bad investment decision or you struggle with a shopping addiction. This is usually not the case with student debt. The majority of college students need to go in...
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    The 3 Best Credit Cards for Students in 2018
    Before students even think about getting a credit card, they need to understand how to use one responsibly. Just like student loans, credit cards can either help students build credit or ruin their credit scores for years to ...
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