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    What Public Service Loan Forgiveness Means for Your Federal Student Loans
    Guest Post by Ryan Inman    Public Service Loan Forgiveness is a federal program that forgives the student loan debt of borrowers that meet its requirements. The program started in 2007, and because this is a 10-y...
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    Should You Go Back to School? 4 Factors to Consider Before You Do
    The numbers of Americans with master’s degrees and doctoral degrees have doubled since 2000, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. With more and more American adults attaining higher education, you might be wondering: s...
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    What You Need to Know About Federal Student Aid
    A year of college in the United States costs an average of $23,091, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. American students today often pay for higher education through some combination of scholarships, ...
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    40 Statistics Proving the U.S. Student Debt Crisis Is Solvable
    Americans disagree on a lot of things, and what to do about student debt is yet another source of partisan conflict. Researchers have extensively covered the deleterious effects of student debt on the economy, the culture, a...
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    Student Debt Impacts Parents, Too
    Parents all over the United States are giving up savings, retirement, and even mental and emotional health to pay for college — Robyn Flint has one of these stories. Like many other parents, she pursued her own degree....
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    Here Are Six Major 2019 Policy Proposals More People Need to Talk About
    Policymakers are scrambling to concoct a solution to the U.S. student debt crisis — it’s an over $1.5 trillion problem that’s halting the economy. And while many citizens are banking on the 2020 ticket to m...
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    Ideas for Finding Last-Minute College Aid
    Your tuition deadlines could be fast-approaching this fall semester, or you’re worrying about how you’re going to fund your next term. If you’ve had a medical emergency, an unexpected bill, or simply didn&rs...
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    Expert Advice on Your College Payment Plan
    For the month of May, Best Company Finance (@BestCoFinance) has been posting tips and tricks on avoiding, leveraging, and managing student debt on our Twitter account, including advice for the FAFSA, scholarships, private loa...
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    SoFi Creates the First Ever Return on Education (ROEd) MBA rankings
    It is a widely accepted belief that some of the most well-known universities, including those in the Ivy League sector, are ones guaranteeing a top-notch salary after graduation; however, in a groundbreaking ef...
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    Strategies to Help You Pay Your Student Debt Off Quickly
    While moving out into the workforce can be an exciting thing, any remaining student loan debt can definitely hasten the joy of finally finishing school. If you're interested in getting the weight of a student loan off your sh...

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