The Top 4 Student Debt Bloggers for 2018


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Written by Chad Zollinger | Last Updated October 29th, 2019
Chad Allen Zollinger is a Content Management Specialist for Best Company. Majoring in Writing Studies, Chad is an avid reader, a lifelong writer, and once completed the Rubik's Cube in 34 seconds.

Student with Books
Debt stories usually start with bad decisions. Maybe you made a bad investment decision or you struggle with a shopping addiction. This is usually not the case with student debt. The majority of college students need to go into debt in order to graduate. That does not mean, however, that students can be careless in choosing from whom to borrow money. A recent Student Loan Hero article argued the need for student loan consolidation and refinancing, explaining that the student loan delinquency rate is at 11.2 percent. The question of whether to go into debt in order to get through college is still widely debated, but if you pick the right student debt company, you’ll be able to get the help you need with paying off loans. To stay in the loop on the latest stories, try following some of the top student debt bloggers on the web.

Six Figures Under: Personal Finance Made Public

Stephanie is a wife and mother who, as the title of her blog implies, tackled six figures in student debt and today is debt free. Not only was her debt the accumulation of her student loans, but also those of her husband, who attended law school while Stephanie took care of their new baby. Stories like these can help students see that it is possible to get out debt and how to do it.

Additionally, if you're interested in the common costs and forgiveness opportunities of law school debt specifically, Lendedu's blog has a great resource on average law school debt

Ask Heather Jarvis

Though not as inspirational as some other student loan and student debt blogs, Heather Jarvis’s blog is a thorough exploration of all things related to student debt. Heather graduated with debt and conquered it herself before moving on to become a student loan educator and consultant. With a degree from Duke University’s School of Law, Heather has been consulting in a university, association, and professional capacity since 2005. If you want professional advice and tips for traversing and escaping your student debt, keep an eye on Heather Jarvis’s blog about student loans.

Student Debt Crisis

From Capitol Hill to the front door of your university, the Student Debt Crisis blog covers exactly what its name implies. Moreover, you’re much more likely to find the political movements and reformations behind student debt currently taking place in the political realm. If you are adamant that you’re paying too much in college tuition, maybe you should think about contacting some of the folks at the Student Debt Crisis blog to add your voice to the ongoing discussion.

Millennial Money Man

Over 100,000 readers trust Bobby Hoyt’s debt blog enough to subscribe to constant updates, tips, and debt-crushing advice. Although the Millennial Money Man started out writing his blog with little to no writing experience, he had the determination to wipe out the $40,000 in debt he had accrued since graduating. You can join Bobby and his Millennial cat Tito on their journey to kill debt.

Honorable mentions for student debt blogs include The Outlier Model (a blog dedicated to helping those in debt find ways to increase financial wellness) and Our Debt Free Family (covers topics in student debt as well as other family-oriented financial topics).

The life of a college student is more stressful than ever before. Because the majority of students place so much emotional and mental effort into passing college exams, less time is being spent on preparing for a debt-free future. There is absolutely no reason any student should feel alone on their journey to be debt free. As you read the experiences of how these bloggers escaped debt, you are sure to find some inspiration.

The Top Student Debt Companies

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#1 MoneySolver chevron_right
9.3 Overall Score
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#2 Credible chevron_right
7.4 Overall Score
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#3 SoFi chevron_right
7.1 Overall Score

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