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Student Debt

5 Simple Facts about Student Debt [INFOGRAPHIC]


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At $1.2 trillion, student debt has surpassed credit card debt and car loans, and is nearly eclipsing mortgage debt as the leading cause of debt in America. As a result, college students are not completing their post-secondary education and graduates are having difficulty finding jobs with adequate pay. Many graduates of for-profit institutions are also struggling to apply their skills in a way that will help them pay off their student debts. But the effect does not stop there. Parents who are cosigners on their children's student loans are also taking a big hit to their credit, putting off retirement, and once again sharing their home with their adult children.

However, as the economy slowly recovers, and government scrutiny of for-profit institutions increases, the highly debated issue of student loans, has not yet reached "crisis status." Through well-researched and responsible borrowing practices, students and parents alike can work towards a more educated and financially healthy future.

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5 simple facts about student debt at $35,000 per student, student debt is higher than ever. college university issues this balance of $35,051 to student n. debt dean of college university assistant dean of college university. Some schools have higher default rates than others 2000 2010 % of students who default for-profit community public 4-year private 4-year student debt affects more than just the students; it affects parents. retirement credit score: 425 21% of student borrowers default within two years. borowed less lower-income family did not complete program faired poorly in job market these trends are not likely to continue. as the economy recovers, more students are entering the labor force to pay off their student debts. the  government has also increased its scrutiny and regulation of for-profit institutions.

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