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LAST UPDATED: November 8th, 2021
EPIX launched in 2009 with the goal to bring consumers the best access to movies and other forms of entertainment. EPIX is a joint operation between Viacom Inc., Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate, and Metro-Goldwhyn-Mayer Studios (MGM). EPIX provides premium movie and original programming channels. EPIX is available in over 50 million homes throughout the United States and is distributed across major TV providers including: cable, satellite, telco partners, mobile phones, tablets, and connected TV devices. EPIX was the first premium network to provide multi-platform access on their website as well as on video game consoles, and other TV streaming technologies.

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The Good

  • 24/7 cable TV channel
  • Variety in movie genres
  • Available on many devices

Cable TV Channel with Streaming Extras

EPIX is a 24/7 cable TV channel available through various television providers. They function just like a regular television channel, but they have additional streaming benefits.

Variety of Genres

One of the greatest benefits to the EPIX platform is the fact that their subscribers can get access to hit movies and entertainment on a number of mobile devices anywhere they want. Due to the number of partnerships and efforts of large entertainment producers and companies, EPIX includes the following in their content library:
  • Latest movie releases
  • Classic film franchises
  • Original documentaries
  • Comedy and music events
  • On-Demand services
Even though the content EPIX has isn't necessarily "exclusive," it is made available in their library relatively quickly after release dates due to their relationships.


EPIX was the first streaming platform to provide multi-device access on their website, EPIX.com, as well as on the following viewing platforms:
  • Xbox
  • PlayStation
  • Android phones
  • Android tablets
  • Android TV
  • Roku players
  • Apple iPhones
  • Apple iPads
  • Chromecast

Original Content

Even though EPIX does not have unique content of their own at this time, they have announced that they are working on several television series, mini-series, and movies of their very own which will be exclusive to subscribers.

Watch with Friends

EPIX has a "Watch With Friends" feature. This feature allows subscribers to watch a program with their friends in a private room, acting much like a chat room. Subscribers will be transported to their own screening room with a unique link that can be shared with up to four friends at a time. Once in this "room," subscribers can play, pause, and talk throughout the movie. To use the Watch With Friends feature, a subscriber's "friends" do not need to have an EPIX subscription of their own.

The Bad

  • Costs can vary
  • Availability issues with some content

Cost can Vary

Pricing for EPIX can vary since they are associated with different television providers. Since they work with a number of television providers, the service will vary in cost in different regions. With some providers, EPIX is bundled into the service and with others they are available as a separate subscription, like HBO. In addition to having a cable television service, subscribers will also need high-speed internet to view EPIX programs.

Availability Issues

It can be frustrating for some EPIX customers when movies and other content becomes "unavailable." Since EPIX works with television providers, movies can be labeled unavailable due to TV channels having licenses on certain movies. When a movie becomes unavailable, the only access subscribers will be able to have are: trailers, behind the scenes clips, and interviews. Typically, movies are not "unavailable" for long.

Regular Television Channel

Since EPIX functions like a regular television channel, their content through the actual cable service is presented through a scheduled line-up. If a subscriber is watching through their cable program, they will have to follow the schedule and wait for certain programs.

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The Bottom Line

EPIX is an option for cable television subscribers to consider if they wish to get access to a vast movie library. EPIX is not ideal for those who want to stream television shows, since at this time, EPIX consists mostly of movies. EPIX subscribers can expect the following with their subscriptions:

  • Access to a movie library
  • Ability to watch on mobile devices
  • Watch movies with friends in "private screening rooms"
  • Scheduled content on TV

We recommend reviewing the top rated companies before making a final decision.

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R Birmingham, AL

Epix channels are absolutely NOT worth paying for. There is "Epix, Epix2 and EpixHits". More so than not Epix and Epix2 will be showing the same show at the same time. So essentially you are not getting your money's worth... plus mostly 20yr old "B" movies.

3 weeks ago

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Albany Lewis Colorado Springs, CO

Right now I am currently trying to find where you cancel the subscription on my IPhone. I googled the directions and followed them. I am currently not seeing the subscription in my Apple ID subscriptions in settings and when I tried to manage my subscription on the EPIX NOW app? It only tells me that I have a free trial but no option to opt out. I sent an email to their customer service, because there is no way to contact them via phone. The one phone number I found posted for them led me to a custom cabinet shop. This is shady and I will have my lawyer look into this. How can you expect people to opt out of the subscription if you don’t have an option to. Sketchy is what it is and I’m not about to get charged for this garbage app. Wish you could choose 0 stars for the reviews.

8 months ago

star star star star star_border

Emma East Wenatchee, WA

EPIX is a hidden gem included with Spectrum internet. They contract with Lions Gate productions and show many of the same films as Hulu and Amazon. The movies are commercial free and I canceled Netflix when I found this. They have some original programming and exclusives, live streaming and on demand. The app could use some tweaking but overall I think the service is really good.

3 years ago

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Marie Gomez Charlotte, NC

I got a free trial that is offered through Domino's. Epix has been doing streaming service for 11 years, which is unbelievable and here's the main reason. I wasn't able to watch a movie without it buffering continuously every few minutes, tried to download a few times, never happened might be that I'm trying to watch on my smartphone. But I am able to watch YouTube with alot of annoying commercials but the buffering is few so what gives? When I had Netflix, no problems to watch, it was like having cable TV. If you really want to know for yourself, get a free trial but don't waste your money.

11 months ago

star star star star star

Bigdog Phoenix, AZ

Love the original shows!!! Great storylines with great actors... Although, completely pissst off I can not stream the whole series of Godfather of New York and have to wait for weekly release for new episode.

2 years ago

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Alexander Fountain Valley, CA

Total garbage. Signed up for the 14 day Free-Trial to watch on Gaming Consoles and Smart Phone devices. Movie selection are mostly old movies that I never even heard about. Old movies that never made it to theaters. While using Epix it has froze many times and we were unable to get connections, how strange. While watching movies we could NOT fast forward or rewind, if we tried to fast forward the movie only moves forward minute by minute. If you continuely tried to fast forward the movie it gets rebooted and it kicks you back to the main menu. Every time we resumed the movies it automatically restarted the movie from the beginning and it's ridiculous. Will NEVER use EPIX ever again.

3 years ago


Review Source

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Tiffany I Gaithersburg, MD

Epic has good horror movies. They always have a better selection than other streaming services. Haven’t watched any of their new series but planning on it. Generally one of the cheaper premium channels.

1 year ago

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Upset Customer Buford, GA

If there was available zero starts button, I would have given this company a ZERO RATING. Our tv company offered a preview for a month and I can't even watch shows or movies in HD quality? And you expect people to pay for this? People have HD tv's for a reason, you guys need to update your systems, quality of internet or whatever because the people who DO pay for this are wasting their money. YOU guys have a overall 2 star rating for goodness sakes? Get with it

2 years ago

star star star star star

Rob Metz Austin, TX

I think the Original Shows are the BEST out There!!! Every single show hits home with me. Never a dull moment with EPIX!!

2 years ago

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Eric A Garris San Francisco, CA

Epix is a billing trap. They do not let you cancel, it is not an option on their website or app. When I contacted customer support, they said I would have to contact my local cable company. That process took 45 minutes, but the cable company informed me that I would have to pay for two more billing cycles before the cancellation takes effect. Not a great selection, but they make their money on this horrendous billing scam.

3 years ago

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N. Seattle household

I signed up for the free intro trial and the selection was pretty lame, not even a single movie worth watching unless you want to see Tarzan movies from the early 20th Century, pointless. I wouldn't pay $5.99 or .59 or .059 a month for this one, sorry.

2 years ago

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Annoyed White City, OR

Got the epix movie package from dish . I bought it because it was a movie package not a series or boxing programs. Pretty disappointed in their programming if I wanted to watch boxing I would have got HBO or showtime

3 years ago

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S Walker Silver Spring, MD

Too often I get the "Unavailable" comment. -- on nearly everything I click on! What's the point of Epix claiming to have such a HUGE library if most are "unavailable"? Very annoying. I won't continue with this service. Too frustrating. Right now I have a trial membership. Will *NOT* be paying for it when the trial ends.

3 years ago

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Keith Carrollton, TX

Thank you Epix for giving me a free preview of how awful your service is. They must be streaming their movies from a dial up modem in a basement somewhere. Constant pauses and loss of video and audio. No thanks.

2 years ago

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Terryll L Rex Kirkwood, PA

Horrible horrible service. Down more than it is up. They claim its high speed but it crawls. And they charge and am and a leg for it. The have a monopoly in my area so they don't have to care.

3 years ago

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Jodi Rivera Monticello, NY

They have the absolute worst programming. I've seen everything they offer. Crap I've seen at least 2 yrs ago. I don't even want them. TWC, SPECTRUM now gives it to you. Give me something entertaining.

4 years ago

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Stephen Columbus, OH

Epix claims to be free and then charges you with no agreement. This is very sneaky and desperate of Epix.

1 year ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Jonathan Crowley, TX

Selection is crap. Good thing it's free with my internet service.

3 years ago