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What You Need to Know About Disney Plus Compared to Other ...

November 15, 2019

The hype is real! Disney Plus has officially launched, and Disney fanatics are going crazy over the expansive collectio...

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Which Streaming TV Service Is Right for Me?

October 15, 2019

With increasing competition in today’s society for attention and viewers, many new streaming services have floode...

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5 Ways Streaming TV Services Save You Money

August 02, 2019

Guest Post by Dennis Restauro The promotional TV and internet bundle price advertised by cable companies always seem en...

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    Overstock.com to Launch Streaming TV Service
    Since Amazon's big splash at the Golden Globes, it seems like everyone wants to get in on the streaming content game. Including companies that make you go, "Hmmm." This time it's Overstock.com's turn. CEO Patrick Byrne ...
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    Amazon Original Movies Coming Soon to Theaters
    Twelve theatrical releases per year News of Amazon's many new year's resolutions has bombarded the news wires the last couple of weeks. They are at it again today with an announcement that its creative arm, Amazon Studios, w...
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    Netflix Rescues Doctor Who, Adds GenX Nostalgia Movies
    Beloved BBC series are renewed Never fear, Doctor Who fans! Netflix has renewed your beloved show to continue streaming, thanks to your petitions to renew the BBC contract. Luthor, another BBC show on the bubble, h...
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    Discovery Founder Set to Launch Science-on-Demand Channel
    It's about time science moved into the 21st century. Discovery channel founder John Hendricks will launch CuriosityStream, a streaming science video channel, on March 18. Think of it as Netflix Goes to NASA. But the new serv...
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    Amazon Announces New Pilots, Looks for Your Votes
    There's no doubt that Amazon Studios is having a huge week. Strike that, it's having a huge 2015. A few days ago the streaming television and retail giant won its first Golden Globe award for its edgy comedy, Transparent. A ...
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    Amazon Greenlights Woody Allen Series and More Echo Invitations
    New Woody Allen series coming to Amazon Prime Instant Video Amazon announced yesterday that it has contracted with Woody Allen to write and direct a half-hour streaming series for the company's Prime Instant Video service. A...
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    Most Controversial Film of 2014 May Be Coming to Netflix
    Fans of Seth Rogen films may soon have another reason to rejoice. Netflix has shown interest in streaming 2014's most controversial film "The Interview" to its growing subscribers. "People want to see the movie and we want t...
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    Cut the Cord, Keep the Cable
    Since streaming tv started to surface through Netflix and Hulu in 2007, cord cutters have wondered why they can't pay to stream live television. Dish may have have answered that question on Monday at CES. Dish announced a new...
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    Netflix Cracks Down on Internationally-Viewed American Content
    While Netflix is available to customers in around 50 countries worldwide, certain American content has been unavailable to customers outside the United States due to licensing agreements and other contractual stipulations. St...
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    Dish Network's Sling TV Making Waves at CES 2015
    It's no secret that the future of television lies in streaming services, and companies are starting to recognize their need to jump on the bandwagon. Nothing proves that more than Dish Network, one of world's leading televisi...

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