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What You Need to Know About Disney Plus Compared to Other ...

November 15, 2019

The hype is real! Disney Plus has officially launched, and Disney fanatics are going crazy over the expansive collectio...

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Which Streaming TV Service Is Right for Me?

October 15, 2019

With increasing competition in today’s society for attention and viewers, many new streaming services have floode...

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5 Ways Streaming TV Services Save You Money

August 02, 2019

Guest Post by Dennis Restauro The promotional TV and internet bundle price advertised by cable companies always seem en...

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    Amazon Prime Instant in March: What's New
    The folks over at CNet have gotten hold of Amazon Prime's new movie releases coming for March. Since I'm all about adding value (but you knew that about me, didn't you?), I'm listing the movies in reverse chronolog...
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    Netflix in March: What's Coming & What's Going Away
    It's cold. I'm cranky. If you live in the east you're probably even colder and crankier than I am, thanks to Snow Miser's unrelenting onslaught this year. To cheer us both up, let's take a look at all the delicious cont...
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    Amazon Announces "Sigmund & the Sea Monsters" Reboot
    Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, Amazon has signed with producers Sid and Marty Krofft to launch a remake of their 70s children's show, Sigmund and the Sea Monsters, according to Variety. You m...
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    Netflix Premiers Children's Sitcom "Richie Rich" Today
    What's going on? Did somehow ALL of us fall into a time warp and zip back to the 80s? The first clue I got was when I tried to watch the first episode of Suits last week. I thought, "Since when did we start caring about...
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    More New Content From Amazon - Again
    Incoming! More Amazon content releases incoming! Duck and cover! Get in the bomb shelter, Mabel! Yep, the onslaught continues from Amazon Prime Instant video. Between Amazon and Netflix, I can't even type fast enough to keep...
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    Your Movie Bucket List: The Oscars
    In my continuing quest to get you addicted to classic movies and in honor of the upcoming Academy Awards, today's post features Oscar winners. No, now quit your whining! I know you hate watching the Oscars (dude, I'm so...
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    Free Amazon Fire or Roku Stick With Sling TV Subscription
    If you feel like trying Sling TV for three months, you can get yourself a free Amazon Fire TV stick or a Roku stick. In this case, choosing between the carrot or the stick is pretty simple -- since the "carrot" is actua...
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    Amazon Prime Video is Breathing Down Everyone's Necks
    Amazon Prime Video is catching up to the competition, despite starting out as a latecomer to the streaming television party. There's even data to prove it. Amazon Prime's usage rates are now matching Netflix and iTunes The H...
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    Your Movie Bucket List: Valentine's Movies
    Last week I introduced this weekly column, Your Movie Bucket List, by informing you of my obsession with classic movies. It's not an official diagnosis, per se, but I am being prescribed popcorn and soda to cope with it, so ...
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    The Netflix of Everything
    Netflix may or may not be happy about this, but it's in danger of becoming a household name -- just not in the way it wants to be. Think of Kleenex or Xerox. Did you conjure up a brand? Or, instead did you imagine ...

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