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Which Streaming TV Service Is Right for Me?

October 15, 2019

With increasing competition in today’s society for attention and viewers, many new streaming services have floode...

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5 Ways Streaming TV Services Save You Money

August 02, 2019

Guest Post by Dennis Restauro The promotional TV and internet bundle price advertised by cable companies always seem en...

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29 Best Binge Watching Tips for 2019

July 17, 2019

Maybe it’s your first time binging or maybe you’re a veteran at it but are ready to take your viewing exper...

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    The Fastest ISPs for Streaming Netflix and Where They're Available
    Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and similar streaming services are, more and more certainly by the minute, the future of home entertainment. Frustratingly, our home internet speeds are not always fast enough to stream our favori...
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    Sony Enters the Streaming TV Fray With PlayStation Vue
    As if we weren't already in the middle of a heavyweight battle between Netflix, Amazon Instant, and even HBO over share-of-wallet in streaming television entertainment, now the behemoth that is Sony has e...
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    Your Movie Bucket List: Luck O' The Irish
    St. Patrick's Day is next week so I thought I'd better deliver your holiday-themed movie recommendations soon -- before the green beer makes you... well, you know what you did last year. No sense dragging that out. Espe...
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    HBO & Apple Sitting in a Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G
    First comes love, then comes marriage. That's the way the old nursery rhyme goes, right? Well, if you're Apple TV and HBO, you do it the opposite way: first comes marriage, then comes the messy custody battle to keep cu...
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    Netflix Announces Show Dates & New Deals
    As usual, you can't swing a rubber chicken around without hitting another programming announcement by either Netflix or Amazon. This week's news leader is Netflix, which announced a bevy of upcoming show dates and produ...
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    Your Movie Bucket List: Spotlight on Billy Wilder
    For today's Classic Movie Bucket List, we're going to look at the work of director Billy Wilder. Billy Wilder came to Hollywood from Austria at the age of 27 to escape Nazi Germany. His roots were as a screenwriter - a ...
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    5 New Kids' Shows Coming to Netflix
    Yesterday Netflix announced that it's producing five new original shows for kids and they'll start airing as soon as next month. Inspector Gadget March 2015 Netflix is creating a CGI-animated reboot of the beloved ...
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    5 Ways to Stream Free Movies & TV Without Netflix or Amazon
    You probably already know that you can watch some movies and television shows free on Youtube. But I'll bet you didn't know that there are a lot of other sites you can stream shows for free. Of course, even those these ...
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    Your Movie Bucket List: Now With 100% More Tomatoes!
    This week's theme for Your Movie Bucket List is a twist on what we did last week. Last week I told you about some classic movies that had won Oscars of various sorts. This week I'm going to map some of 2015's Oscar winn...
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    Amazon Prime Instant in March: What's New
    The folks over at CNet have gotten hold of Amazon Prime's new movie releases coming for March. Since I'm all about adding value (but you knew that about me, didn't you?), I'm listing the movies in reverse chronolog...

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