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Which Streaming TV Service Is Right for Me?

October 15, 2019

With increasing competition in today’s society for attention and viewers, many new streaming services have floode...

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5 Ways Streaming TV Services Save You Money

August 02, 2019

Guest Post by Dennis Restauro The promotional TV and internet bundle price advertised by cable companies always seem en...

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29 Best Binge Watching Tips for 2019

July 17, 2019

Maybe it’s your first time binging or maybe you’re a veteran at it but are ready to take your viewing exper...

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    Netflix vs. Vice News
    As if Netflix wasn't planning enough, it's picking another fight. Virtual reality and "the switch," have dominated headlines, but now the streaming film company is planning to attack Vice News head on with new docum...
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    Coming to Hulu and Netflix: Virtual Reality
    Not long ago, we learned of Netflix's plans to team up with Oculus. That partnership, with the help of film studios Lionsgate and 20th Century Fox, yielded a Netflix virtual reality app. Now Hulu, not to be outdone, says it w...
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    Star Wars, Gravity, Dallas Buyers Club: When Will They Stream?
    The majority of Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Prime Instant Video users are content with the content they receive. That is, they are happy with the shows and movies in their streaming company's servers. Content with the cont...
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    Netflix Increases Standard Plan Rate to $10 per Month
    In 2011, Netflix bumped monthly fees up by 60%, a choice that prompted 800,000 subscribers to cancel their membership. It also caused Netflix stock to tumble. Today the streaming media company is more careful. There...
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    What's Special about MUBI, the Streaming Film Site?
    Just weeks after Netflix began streaming videos online back in 2007, Mubi did too. Mubi founder Efe Cakarel didn't plan to compete head-on with the already-famous Netflix. If you think of the streaming TV and movie industry i...
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    This Is Why We Really Like Streaming TV
    We can't stop watching, and that's why Netflix says traditional TV is doomed. Once we watch certain number of consecutive episodes back-to-back, we're "hooked," says Netflix. In some cases, that number is as few as two. Netfl...
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    Coming to Netflix in October: Cooking, Superheroes, Real Estate
    October's new material doesn't look as good as September's. Let me just state that up front. There's some decent niche TV and a few good movies you can look forward to if you're a Netflix subscriber, however. Here's what I fi...
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    Netflix's "Switch" Takes You to Your Special Chill Place Instantly
    Have you ever sat down to watch a TV show and thought "Man, I'm doing too much clicking and button pushing here"? You're not the only one. I've experienced that sentiment, too. And many others have. I've wondered how I can st...
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    Streaming TV Companies: The Minors or a 2nd Major League?
    I recently shared a few reasons streaming TV is better, in the opinion of many. It's primarily because it gives us greater freedom to choose what we want to see when broadcast TV has become predictable. But is non-broadc...
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    Why Streaming TV Is Better
    Why is Netflix so much better than cable TV? Why is Amazon Video just as good? Why are there dozens of other streaming companies that could easily overtake your monthly entertainment dollars? Isn't it because we kno...

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