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Disney+ Revealed

December 31, 2019

Now that Disney+ has been out for a while, it's no secret how popular it is. Disney+ signed up 28.6 million subscribers...

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Favorite Christmas Traditions

December 19, 2019

One of my most favorite Christmas traditions started when I was in junior high. My parents decided one year to do "Secre...

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So You Cut the Cord. . . What Now?

December 18, 2019

Guest Post by Hilary Thompson So, you’ve cut the cord, but you’re still in the infant stage of online media...

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    Are Any of Your Favorite Shows Rebooting in 2016?
    As we've said before, the reboot machine is revving up. The most famous show to return to television (via Netflix) is probably Full House, which will now be called Fuller House. Although, I bet you don't know quite how many o...
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    Christmas, Easter, and New Year's Eve Have White Lies in Common Thanks to Netflix
    According to CNN Money, 87% of parents celebrated New Year's Eve last year with their children. 34% of them attempted to make kids believe midnight occurred sooner than it really did. Netflix picked up on the ...
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    Netflix Is Sharper, Faster and Plays in-Browser without a Plugin
    Let me begin by admitting that I'm not an HD fanatic. Sometimes I watch SD channels because I don't know where to find the HD ones and I'm too lazy to find out. I'm not losing my breath from excitement because Netflix figure...
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    Hulu Expands Catalog and January 25th is X-Files Day!
    The reboot wars are in full swing. Netflix is preparing to release the first episode of Fuller House to crowds of nostalgic fans. Hulu is also cashing in on nostalgia (not that it's a bad thing) but with a different genre. X-...
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    Full House Reboot: Worth the Netflix Subscription Fees?
    We all remember the classic TV show.  It was the family show of the late 80s and early 90s, like The Wonder Years and Boy Meets World were the family staples of their generations. As a kid born in the middle of the 1980s...
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    An Easy Hack to Make Netflix More Convenient
    Have you heard of Netflix's "switch"? It's a button that creates everything you need for a movie night with just a touch. That includes food, dim lighting, and anything you're smart enough to automate using code and gadgets. ...
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    Why Do We Hate Jar Jar Binks? VidAngel Has 207 Reasons
    It's no question that among all the characters in the Star Wars universe, none are more hated, more despised than Jar Jar Binks. The obnoxious, funny-talking alien who first appeared in Star Wars Episode One: The Ph...
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    Showtime and Starz Now Bundled with Amazon Prime
    Almost as if the original content arms race has been forgotten, Streaming TV companies are moving forward with new plans. The first movers are Hulu and Amazon, who have arranged deals with movie networks like Starz and Showti...
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    Wired: Netflix is the new TV.
    I don't have to explain what Netflix is. We all know and most of us have probably subscribed to it or used a trial before. Netflix needn't think about brand recognition now. It's a household brand as much as iPhone is. Althou...
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    Amazon for Quality, Netflix for Quantity in December
    The holiday season is a time to boost revenues for retail stores. That very fact may be a sufficient reason for streaming TV companies to save as consumers spend. It appears to be happening this month, as Amazon and Netflix h...

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