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Disney+ Revealed

December 31, 2019

Now that Disney+ has been out for a while, it's no secret how popular it is. Disney+ signed up 28.6 million subscribers...

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Favorite Christmas Traditions

December 19, 2019

One of my most favorite Christmas traditions started when I was in junior high. My parents decided one year to do "Secre...

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So You Cut the Cord. . . What Now?

December 18, 2019

Guest Post by Hilary Thompson So, you’ve cut the cord, but you’re still in the infant stage of online media...

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    Most Controversial Film of 2014 May Be Coming to Netflix
    Fans of Seth Rogen films may soon have another reason to rejoice. Netflix has shown interest in streaming 2014's most controversial film "The Interview" to its growing subscribers. "People want to see the movie and we want t...
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    Cut the Cord, Keep the Cable
    Since streaming tv started to surface through Netflix and Hulu in 2007, cord cutters have wondered why they can't pay to stream live television. Dish may have have answered that question on Monday at CES. Dish announced a new...
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    Netflix Cracks Down on Internationally-Viewed American Content
    While Netflix is available to customers in around 50 countries worldwide, certain American content has been unavailable to customers outside the United States due to licensing agreements and other contractual stipulations. St...
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    Dish Network's Sling TV Making Waves at CES 2015
    It's no secret that the future of television lies in streaming services, and companies are starting to recognize their need to jump on the bandwagon. Nothing proves that more than Dish Network, one of world's leading televisi...
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    Netflix Helping Parents Get Kids to Bed Earlier on New Year's Eve
    While staying up past midnight as a family to celebrate the new year is usually a special treat for kids, it can definitely be a hassle for parents trying to keep their kids on a schedule. Luckily for those parents, Netflix h...
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    Amazon Fire Adds HBO GO
    After substantial negotiations between Amazon and HBO, the HBO GO app will finally be available on all Amazon Fire streaming boxes just in time for the holidays. The agreement lets Amazon level the playing field with competit...
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    Streaming Services Front and Center at Golden Globes
    The entertainment industry has known for some time now that there would be an imminent shift in programming from network television to streaming services. It seems that time has finally come. While Netflix has already been no...
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    Netflix Responds to Most Recent FCC Allegations
    As net neutrality enters public conversation, many are wondering where certain web-based companies stand on the issue. One of the main companies being questioned is Netflix, who was recently called out by Federal Communicati...
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    Television As We Know It On Its Way Out?
    Sixteen Years. That's how long Netflix CEO Reed Hastings believes broadcast television will exist as we know it. To prove his point, Hastings has scheduled a summit (to be held in Utah of all places) which will host executiv...
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    Customers Enjoy Increased Netflix Speeds, But at a Price
    While conversations regarding net neutrality are growing at an exponential rate, Netflix has added fuel to the fire. Recent statistics show that over the past year, Netflix speeds have increased around 51 percent among the n...

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