Wired: Netflix is the new TV.


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Written by George Hancock Jr. | Last Updated October 29th, 2019
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I don't have to explain what Netflix is. We all know and most of us have probably subscribed to it or used a trial before. Netflix needn't think about brand recognition now. It's a household brand as much as iPhone is. Although Netflix does have competitors, it's arguable that none of them have such a comparable grip on the market. In fact,  The Motley Fool found that 51% of Americans watch Netflix. That's more than the percentage that watches Youtube, and Youtube is free.

So half of us watch it, but does that really make it "the new TV?" No. According to Wired, the programming does. Writer Julia Greenberg points out that Netflix took a risk this month by releasing an old-fashioned holiday variety show à la Andy Williams or Perry Como. That's the idea behind A Very Murray Christmas, starring Bill Murray and a bunch of superstars. At first, my reception to the idea was lukewarm. But I must say, now that I know what this special is all about, I'm interested.  I want to celebrate the season with classic songs, comedy, and well-known faces. I'm not immune to nostalgia.

One assumption is that nobody will be persuaded to go back to traditional TV after watching this traditional-style programming. I know I won't be turning back time for the not-on-demand style of my childhood. And I'm fairly sure most Netflix subscribers won't be.

Another assumption is that the live programming on cable won't compete with on-demand programming. There's something about listening to live personalities. Even though they don't know who you are, it kinda feels like they're speaking to you directly, doesn't it? There's a sense of sharing, something you don't experience when watching pre-recorded shows. That may be why the networks are experimenting with live comedy shows (Undateable Live) and musicals (The Wiz). It may be irrational, but the connection I feel to live shows is nice. However, Netflix also doesn't fret over the potential for viewers to contemplate that difference. And they're probably right not to fret. That's why Netflix is "the new TV." What do you think? Is the Netflix model the new norm?

The Top Streaming TV Companies

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#1 Netflix chevron_right
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