Upcoming Original Programming: Netflix vs. Amazon


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Written by George Hancock Jr. | Last Updated February 24th, 2020
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You've just gotten up and you're watching Good Morning America. There's a typical Hollywood star guest, but this time he's from a TV series you've never seen. You don't even know where to find it, and you realize it's not the only show you don't have access to. Why is this happening?! Well, it's because you're not subscribed to a streaming TV service, probably. Amazon, Hulu Plus, and Netflix host dozens of original programs, some of which have already made their way into pop culture.

Ever heard of Orange is the New Black? I have, but I've never seen it because I'm not a Netflix subscriber. How about Transparent? People are raving about that one, but many of us haven't seen it because it's only available on Amazon Prime Video. Few of us subscribe to more than one streaming service. We choose which one is best for us and we supplement it with cable if we so choose. So, what's hot in original programming now that it's such a big deal?


Things yet to come have been generating a lot of buzz around Amazon lately. Fuller House is, you guessed it, a spin off of the memorable Full House series, which ended in 1995. How could that not be newsworthy, right? But there's also a Chelsea Handler talk show slated for a 2016 debut, which will resemble her E! show but will have an updated feel. There's also a Christopher Guest flick coming up, starring Jane Lynch and Parker Posey. Mr. Guest can pull anything off, from The Princess Bride to This Is Spinal Tap to voicing cartoon characters. His Netflix original, Mascots, is worth a shot by default.

Amazon Prime Video

One Advantage Amazon has over Netflix is Family programming. The Stinky and Dirty Show and Just Add Magic will keep your young ones and your younger ones entertained, and they're brand new. These family shows look like an attempt to combat Hulu's progress in that area. Hulu probably has the most children's programming of all streaming services, but it's mostly older material.

For the historically-minded among us, The Man in the High Castle is a drama that explores what life would be like had the Nazis won world war 2 and will be created by X-Files producer Frank Spotnitz. This winter you'll also find, on Amazon Prime Video, a drama called Hand of God, the comedies Mad Dogs and Red Oaks, and a reality series called The New Yorker Presents. Most of these new shows received great feedback after their pilots were aired.

Programming should be a big part of your decision making process when you decide which streaming TV service to subscribe to, but there are other factors. Read our reviews to find out which service is right for you.

The Top Streaming TV Companies

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