Using Too Much Data to Stream Movies? Opera Max Will Compress That.


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Written by George Hancock Jr. | Last Updated February 24th, 2020
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I bet you've been there. That moment when you want to find out what happens at the end of a movie but you're not sure you have enough data left for the month! It's hard to browse and stream within the confines of today's data plans. Yet, there is hope.

Opera Max is an Android app that compresses images, text, and now video before they are shown on your device. The data savings on Netflix and Youtube videos can reach up to 50%, say Opera, the creators of the app. Such a reduction will improve buffering time and load time, as well. It doesn't decrease picture quality very much, but the difference is noticeable to some. You don't have to use a browser to get the benefits. Max works for apps, too.

How does it work? Everything you play or download goes through Opera's servers, where it is compressed. However, it doesn't access encrypted data and it won't share any information with anyone. It's essentially a VPN that compresses everything that's sent to you.

So, here's a quick recap. You might need Opera Max for two reasons. First, you keep using too much data and your provider keeps charging you for it. Opera Max may be able to reduce your data usage enough to avoid those extra fees. Second, Opera Max is great for when the internet connection isn't very fast. Let's say you're sharing a slow connection with 10 people at a coffee shop. It's taking minutes to load a single webpage. Opera Max can reduce your wait time, hopefully to something bearable.

Try Opera Turbo for your PC and Opera Coast if you have an iPhone. They have the same data-saving ability, but only work when you use a browser.

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