An Easy Hack to Make Netflix More Convenient


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Written by George Hancock Jr. | Last Updated October 29th, 2019
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Have you heard of Netflix's "switch"? It's a button that creates everything you need for a movie night with just a touch. That includes food, dim lighting, and anything you're smart enough to automate using code and gadgets. It's nifty but it hasn't shown up in Target yet and it's not so easy to build. Nerdy DIY gadgets like the switch and "Netflix Socks," found at, are clever. I've got a much simpler hack for you, though. It's a trick that allows you to get movie and TV recommendations based on your mood. Here it goes. When you wrap your head around this one, you'll wonder why you never though of it.

You know that "who's watching?" screen you get when you open Netflix? Every account comes with five sub-accounts for different people that use Netflix on the same machine. Netflix observes what each user watches and make recommendations to him or her based on that content. But we're not simple, monotone beings. We have moods, as a matter of fact. In one day, the same user might watch The Notebook and then The Expendables. So why not use the 5 user sub-accounts as "moods?" Use them to get recommendations based on how you're feeling, says Mike Ginn, the visionary Netflicker who told Time Magazine about this idea.

If you have any sub-accounts left, create your first mood. For example, what if you create one that's called "Grrrrrrrrrrr"? Log into it when you're feeling like watching heavily masculine stuff. You know, action, adventure, guns, explosions, fights, etc. Also make one called "chuckles" for when you overdose on macho and you need laughs. When you log in to chuckles, only watch movies starring comedians who make you laugh.

You can even create moods for you and your viewing partner(s), says Time. It might be a little tricky, but the more you can find that you both (or all) like to watch, the better the recommendations will be next time. Sign into "with wife/husband" each time you watch movies together, for example. For you and your kids, create "kids/rents." And there you have it, an extraordinarily simple but convenient Netflix hack.


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