Watch a Pre-Show Interactive Ad to Avoid Ads During Your Show on Hulu


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Written by George Hancock Jr. | Last Updated November 8th, 2019
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Hulu has been viewed as a hybrid between the early 2000s TV model and the new, on-demand model pioneered by companies like Netflix. In the past few weeks, the streaming video company has introduced some significant changes to improve its value proposition to viewers. It's also straying further from the tradition style of TV programming.

Two months ago, Hulu began offering an ad-free premium tier. That plan costs a little more than the ad-enabled premium tier, which is a step up from the free ($0/month) tier. But apparently Hulu wants an even greater diversity of choices. The newest option will allow us to view an interactive ad before our program. By interacting with the ad, we forego any ads that would be shown during the program. We also reduce our ad viewing time from two and a half minutes to about thirty seconds. To begin with, this option is only available for Fox programming. Examples of popular Fox shows are Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Last Man on Earth.

For some time, Hulu has offered an option to "choose an ad" to watch before a show. This option was intermittently available and I haven't noticed any instance of it in recent weeks.  With that interface, we could choose an ad  (before time runs out in about 20 seconds) and view it before our show. Then, no ads would be shown during the show. The drawback was the length of the pre-show ads, which was somewhere around three minutes. That's two and a half minutes longer than the new, interactive ads will be.

The new version is provided by TrueX, a 21st Century Fox technology. Hulu leaders say the idea is to avoid the adoption of ad-blocking software by viewers. Presumably, TrueX will be available to all tiers except the ad-free one. As of today, TV-like ad interruptions are still in place for the basic non-paying tier. There is still a huge section of the site that is off limits to that tier, as well. If TrueX is successful, it may open some of that content to free users.

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